Febuary 2012

Downloaded indecent child images

A MAN claimed he had downloaded indecent images of children by accident while looking for adult pornography, a court has heard.

Peter Kinahan, 19, of Looedown, Liskeard, appeared in the dock at Truro Crown Court on Thursday to be sentenced for having the images on his computer.

Judge Christopher Harvey Clark, QC, commented that anyone who downloaded indecent images of children was breaking the law and told him: “You come from a good family and I have little doubt that you feel deep humiliation at having to come to Truro Crown Court today.”

Kinahan told the police that it happened accidentally when looking for adult pornography.

“I hope that is the case, although in view of your referral order (imposed in July of 2010 for similar matters), I take that with some scepticism,” said Judge Clark.

Advised by defence counsel Piers Norsworthy that Kinahan was doing well at St Austell College and was also working in a garage, the Judge said he would not deprive him of his liberty but give him the chance to “grow up”.

He imposed a 12-month community order with supervision and ordered him to sign the Sex Offenders Register for the next five years.

“I must warn you that if you were to be caught accessing images of children again and come back before this court it is almost certain that you would go to prison,” he said.