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June 2009

Paedophile sent to jail for molesting two boys and taking sick photos

A PAEDOPHILE has been jailed for more than four years, for crimes including taking photographs of himself molesting an Exeter boy.

Kevin Horn, 26, of Bishop Westall Road, Countess Wear, was expressionless as he was sent to prison for four years and four months at Exeter Crown Court on Friday.

He was given an extended two- year licence to serve in addition to the usual period of supervision upon his release.

Horn abused the two boys — and took photographs of himself committing sexual offences against one of them. There were also others of him molesting either another unidentified child or children. Police discovered he was also downloading dozens of images of child porn from the internet.

He pleaded guilty to four sexual offences, involving one young Exeter teenager several years ago and another earlier this year. He also admitted two offences of making indecent photographs and 12 of possessing them, when he was jailed at court.

Detective Constable Blain Bishop, of Exeter CID, is the officer in the case. He said: “I really appreciate the patience and support of the victims and their families.

“They have dealt with it really well through what has been a very difficult and upsetting time. It’s moved me during the investigation at times and I have great sympathy for those involved.

“Whatever sentence Kevin Horn was given would never have been enough for the families involved in this matter — but I felt the judge was fair on this occasion and I hope the families are can now begin to move on with their lives.”

He added: “The boys’ parents say they have been outraged by what Kevin Horn has done and how he has behaved.”

Det Con Bishop said Horn was always looking for opportunities to befriend youngsters for his criminal purposes.

“I found him to be quite aggressive in the way he was sourcing and identifying young boys,” said the detective. “He formed many friendships with young boys between the ages of 10 and 14, although my investigations have established there were two victims.

“He was very good at convincing people and winning people over and that’s how he was able to find opportunities to meet children.”

Both victims have shown courage in helping the investigation but each has coped in different ways, said Det Con Bishop.

“One of the young teenagers has coped with it incredibly well and shown great maturity,” he said. “He has to some extent been able to put the incident behind him.

“The other victim is still deeply traumatised by the incident and I hope with time he will be able to put it behind him, but he remains badly affected.”

Det Con Bishop said it took a year and a half of persistent work to bring Horn to justice.