July 2010

Ex-Royal Navy sailor, 25, jailed for having sex with girl, aged 14

A FORMER Royal Navy sailor has been jailed by Plymouth Crown Court after admitting having unprotected sex with a girl aged 14.

Aaron Emmett, 25, pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to two counts of sexual activity with a child.

Prosecutor David Gittins said the incidents happened earlier this year.

It was quite clear that Emmett was attracted to her, and on two occasions they had unprotected sex, Mr Gittins said. The matter came to light when someone spotted texts on Facebook which made it clear the two were having a sexual relationship.

The girl was spoken to by police and her father, but initially claimed they had been going out and had kissed and hugged but not had sex.

Later she admitted that intercourse did take place, but said she did not want him to get into trouble.

Mr Gittins said the girl had not been under any pressure and the sex had been completely consensual.

When interviewed by police Emmett, of Woodville Close, North Prospect, finally admitted having had unprotected sex with the girl on two occasions.

He was described as extremely emotional, regretful and remorseful.

He had no previous convictions and the Crown Prosecution Service was not applying for a Sexual Offences Prevention Order because the matter was regarded as ‘a one-off’, said Mr Gittins.

Robert Linford, for Emmett, told Judge Paul Darlow that Emmett’s current girlfriend and many members of his family were in court to support him, and produced a sheaf of testimonials.

He said Emmett was 25 and the girl 14, adding: “He should have known better and he did know better, but there was no suggestion in this case of any threats or coercion whatsoever.

“The two of them did something both of them wanted to do but which he should not have done.”

Mr Linford said Emmett had left the Navy on good terms and was a man of good character.

He asked the judge to impose a suspended sentence.

Judge Darlow said the case was made more serious because of the 11-year age gap.

He agreed there was no suggestion that the girl had been pressurised or that Emmett was disturbed, but he said he had to jail him immediately.

Judge Darlow imposed an 18-month prison term, ordered him to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years and banned him from working with children.