JUNE 2008

‘A committed and determined offender’

A POLICE officer has branded a Greenford builder a “committed and determined sex offender”.

Arthur Morley, of Greenford Road, faces years behind bars after being caught with more than 2,800 images and 67 videos of children being sexually assaulted.

He was caught following a sting by the Met’s paedophile unit, which used an internet account of a sex offender officers had caught to snare Morley.

Detective Sergeant Jason Tunn, of the paedophile unit, said: “It’s fair to say he (Morley) is a committed and determined sexual offender who, over 21 years, has demonstrated he’s a dangerous individual.

“Some of the images recovered following his arrest were some of the worst my officers had seen.”

Morley, who had been to prison four times previously for offences related to child abuse, admitted 28 offences of distributing indecent images and movies at Southwark Crown Court in May.

He was sentenced on Friday to an indeterminate prison sentence for public protection, with a minimum term of two years and two months.

Investigators used the internet accounts of another paedophile to communicate with Morley, who, in January this year, offered an undercover officer images and videos of children aged between 18-months and eight-years-old.

His communications went through an email address registered under a false name, but he was traced to an internet cafe in Brent from where he did the majority of his uploading, and where he was arrested in March.

DS Tunn said: “We put covert cameras in one of his favourite internet cafes, and used this information to identify him as the person communicating with the officers.

“He was arrested while he was trying to send images showing the most serious level of abuse to our officer. When we searched him we found he had a secret compartment cut into the lining of his coat to carry his USB key.

“He had gone to great lengths to avoid detection.”

Officers searched his car and found a laptop which had the hard drive removed. They found the drive in a secret compartment in the car’s dashboard, and it contained Morley’s stash of lude material.

Under questioning he admitted he had been supplying he images for around nine months.

Morley was first jailed for 30 months in 1987 for raping a ten-year-old girl and attempting to rape her eight-year-old sister in Essex.

In 1990 he was caged after being caught spying on a girl in swimming pool changing rooms, and two years later served 21 months after breaking into a cubicle a 13-year-old boy was changing in and sexually assaulting him.

He then admitted twice recording himself raping an eight-year-old boy he was supposed to be babysitting in 1998, and in 2003 was recalled to prison after being caught in possession of child porn images.

DS Tunn said: “He is now in prison until he can prove to the parole board he’s no longer a threat to children.

“We do not know if he has re-offended with children. The police investigation did not uncover any offences, so we cannot draw any conclusions.”