January 2011

Plymouth man jailed for third set of child abuse images offences

A PLYMOUTH man has been jailed after admitting his third set of child pornography offences.

Thomas Mayne, aged 28, of Wilton Street, appeared in custody last Friday at Plymouth Crown Court.

He had previously pleaded guilty to possessing indecent photos of children at levels one and two on April 26, 2009 and indecent photos at levels two and pseudo photos at level four on May 10 last year.

Level one is the least serious and level five the most serious.

He also admitted possessing 33 indecent pseudo photos of children at level one, 16 at level two and two level four movies, all between April 16, 2009 and May 2, 2010.

Mayne also admitted five breaches of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order imposed in 2007, by twice using the internet to download images and movie piles, using two computers to access websites, possessing two memory cards and using a memory card to store images and movies.

Jason Beal, for Mayne, said he had paid privately to attend a course in Surrey and had asked to be transferred to a jail where he could get further help. There were no contact offences with children, he said.

Judge Francis Gilbert QC said this was a sad case of persistent behaviour by an intelligent man. He jailed Mayne for 30 months, less eight days spent on remand, amended his Sexual offences Prevention Order for five years and ordered him to remain on the Sex Offenders’ Register indefinitely.