October 2010

‘Wicked’ Portland rapist jailed for seven years

A ‘WICKED’ rapist who had sex with a girl less than half his age after she passed out drunk has been jailed for seven years.

David John Green, of Victoria Square, Portland, was convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl following a trial at DorchesterCrown Court.

Jurors in his trial had heard evidence that the teenager had arrived at Green’s flat drunk at around 4am on the night of December 4 last year and passed out senseless on his sofa.

When she woke up the next morning she discovered some of herclothes were missing and her underwear was not on properly.

Analysis of DNA samples also indicated that Green, 35, had had sex with her.

Green, whose partner was pregnant with his child at the time of the offence, had claimed there was sexual contact between him and the girl but she was conscious and had consented to it and they had not had full sexual intercourse.

The jury took five-and-a-half hours to reach a unanimous guilty verdict.

After the verdict, prosecutor Ian Fenny told the court that in September 1999 Green had been given a caution for two sexual offences.

Mr Fenny said the charges of indecent assault and gross indecency dated back to between September 1987 and 1990, when Green was a teenager, and involved young girls whom he was babysitting.

Tim Shorter, mitigating, said that on the evidence against Green in the trial there had been no violence involved and it had not been a planned offence.

However, he said: “One has to accept that the jury’s verdict must mean that they took the view that he had taken advantage of a woman who was incapable of consenting because of her own self-induced intoxication.”

Judge Roger Jarvis imposed a seven-year prison sentence, as well as placing Green on the sexual offenders’ register for life and making him the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order

He told the defendant: “It is quite clear to the court that on seeing how affected by drink she was you saw and took the opportunity to commit this wicked crime of rape.”

The judge added: “She was easy prey to you.

“You were yourself stone cold sober and you calculated that you could have your way with this very much younger person and no one would be any the wiser.”

Detective Inspector Kevin Lansdale of Dorset Police welcomed the conviction.

He said: “This was an exhaustive enquiry from Dorset Police public protection team which followed a victim centred approach throughout the investigation.

“We are pleased with the result and that justice has been seen to be done.”