Febuary 2011

‘Obsessed’ dad given community sentence for downloading child porn

A PLASTERER who became obsessed with pictures of a young teenager called Sandra has been given a community sentence for downloading and distributing child pornography.

Jason Findlay’s home in King John Avenue, Bearwood, Bournemouth, was raided by police and computer equipment seized in the early hours of the morning of January 25, 2008.

Investigators found almost 5,000 indecent images of children on the computer.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard that 4,768 were classified as level one, the least serious.

But 29 were level four and one was level five, the most serious. Findlay also had 19 moving images, including two at level four.

Prosecutor Heather Shimmon told the court that about 80 per cent of the images found on the computer were of Sandra between the ages of 13 and 16. Most were not nude, but were semi-erotic.

Chat logs indicated that Findlay appeared to have been discussing the material with other people, and had both sent and received images, some of which were indecent. The 40-year-old admitted 22 counts of making indecent photographs of children and two of distributing them.

Defence counsel Tom Horder said Findlay realised how unnatural his behaviour had been, and how dangerous his obsession with the girl, who is now 20, was.

As a result of the case, his son’s mother had stopped him having any contact and his life had “gone to pieces”.

Mr Horder said Findlay had told chat users a number of times not to send images of young children, and that he only wanted pictures of Sandra.

Judge Christopher Harvey-Clark QC made a three-year supervision order with the condition that Findlay takes part in an 85-day sex offenders programme.

He also made an indefinite sexual offences prevention order, which bans Findlay from using any computer not fitted with anti-porn software, and ordered him to stay on the sex offenders register for five years.