Febuary 2007

Electrician’s child porn fantasy tales

AN ELECTRICIAN who had more than 100 indecent images of children on his home computer was jailed for four months.

Joseph Davis, 50, of Farwell Road, Alderney, Poole, was also found to have written an indecent fantasy story about an electrician abusing a child during visits to customers’ homes, Bournemouth Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Sadie Rizzo said that Davis was arrested on December 22, 2005, after police searched his home and took away computers and equipment.

Davis admitted possessing indecent images during police interviews and said that in the past he had used computer software to remove evidence of the images on his computer.

Davis was discovered to have visited various pornographic sites and had saved many images he found to disk, said Ms Rizzo.

Police also found disks and A4-sized sheets of paper in a garden shed containing indecent images of children and stories Davis had written involving adults committing indecent acts with children. Ms Rizzo added: “He said he was an electrician and the stories were his fantasies.”

Seven of the images discovered were of the most serious category (grade five), 22 were at grade four, 12 at grade three, 32 at grade two and 92 at grade one.

Davis pleaded guilty to 21 counts of making indecent images of children.

Jeffrey Norie-Miller, defending, told the court that since the offences came to light Davis had lost everything.

Mr Norie-Miller said: “He is a man who has been the architect of his own misfortune. Mr Davis accepts what he has done.

“He doesn’t deny what he did but like many people in that situation finds it very difficult to explain why he did what he did.

“He has lost his home, his marriage and his family.

“Now he lives in a wretched room and has contact with only one of his daughters and is supported by his elderly mother.”

The probation service has assessed him as “unlikely to reoffend”, the court heard.

Davis was also ordered to go on the sex offenders register indefinitely.