September 2006

Two jailed for attacks on eight-year-old boy

A SICK paedophile who abused a young boy for six years – and took him to his neighbour’s so they could both molest him – has been jailed for eight years.

John Bryant, 55, (pictured above) started persuading the youngster to touch him intimately when the boy was eight years old, Bournemouth Crown Court heard.

The abuse got progressively worse, and when Bryant moved into Old Orchard in Poole, where David Tilsed (pictured below) lives, he took the boy to Tilsed’s home and they both seriously sexually assaulted him twice.

The child then refused to visit that house, but Bryant continued to assault him until the child was 13 or 14 and strong enough to fight him off.

Prosecutor Michael Tomlinson read a statement from the victim, who is now in jail.

“The things that he did to me ruined my life,” it said.

He said he did not finish school and ended up living on the streets.

He had a criminal record and took drugs.

Bryant admitted four counts of indecency and 14 of a serious sexual offence, while Tilsed admitted two of indecency and two of a serious sexual offence.

Neither defendant had previous convictions.

Nigel Mitchell said he had little by way of mitigation for Bryant, now of Arne Avenue in Poole.

“While he was fortunate himself to be able to put this behind him and forget all about it, clearly the victim was unable to have that particular route open to him,” he said.

Philippa Page, mitigating for Tilsed, 57, said he was drinking heavily after the death of his parents, who he had cared for, and missed them desper-ately at the time of his offences.

She added that he had little clear recollection of the events, but felt remorseful and wanted to offer the victim his savings of around £12,000 in compensation.

Judge John Harrow sentenced Bryant to a total of eight years in prison and Tilsed to a total of four, adding that both would serve half their sentences before being considered for a release on licence.

“You treated this unfortunate child like a piece of meat to satisfy your sordid sexual appetites,” he said.

“His life has been a misery ever since.”

Following the case, Poole Detective Constable Andy Shah said the offences came to light after the victim told his prison chaplain, who advised him to tell the police.

“Hopefully, this sentence will help him turn his life around and move on,” he said.