December 2016

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October 2011

Anger at release of Hampshire paedophile Tracy Lyons

The news of the release of a female paedophile from prison after having served half of her jail term was today received with anger by a children’s charity.

Tracy Lyons, of Portsmouth, was sentenced to a four-year prison sentence in January this year.

But because of time spent on remand awaiting the court hearing, the 41-year-old has been released from Bronzefield prison in Surrey just nine months later having served a total of two years behind bars.

The mum-of-nine pleaded guilty to assault of a child by penetration, sexual assault of a child under 13, causing a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity and three offences of distributing indecent photographs of a child.

Sentencing her at Bristol Crown Court, the judge, Mr Justice Royce, described her crimes as ”disturbing”, ”deeply worrying” and ”despicable”.

He imposed on Lyons an extended sentence of seven years – consisting of four years imprisonment, of which she would only serve two years, and five years on licence.

She was also banned from working with children for life and placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register.

Claude Knights, of children’s charity Kidscape, said: ”This early release is a betrayal of the victims and their families whose suffering will continue for years.”

A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said: ”We do not comment on individual prisoners.

”Public protection is our first priority, which is why serious sex offenders released from prison are closely supervised by both the Probation Service and the police, and why they must adhere to a strict set of controls and conditions.

”Where an offender breaches their licence conditions, they would be liable to be recalled to custody.

”In addition, sex offenders are subject to the notification requirements under the sex offenders’ register, if they fail to comply they may be subject to a further five years imprisonment.”

The spokeswoman explained that under the Criminal Justice Act 2003, offenders given a determinate sentence serve half their sentence in custody and half in the community.

October 2011

Nursery paedo Tracy Lyons is back on the streets

PAEDOPHILE Tracy Lyons enjoys her freedom, days after early release — and stares at a child.

The mum of nine was let out on Monday after nine months of a four-year jail sentence.

Former nursery helper Lyons, 41, was seen looking at the boy yesterday in a Midlands town where she is staying in a bail hostel.

The baseball cap-wearing lad was walking with his mum outside a Post Office where Lyons had just opened a current account.

On an earlier jaunt, she was seen eyeing up £2,000 engagement rings in a jewellery shop window.

Lyons was wearing glasses and sporting lighter hair in an effort to change her appearance. An onlooker said: “She tried desperately to blend into the background.”

Lyons was caged for sexually assaulting children and sharing photos of them. She was one of four women who sent sick snaps to sex ring mastermind Colin Blanchard, 41.

She was released due to time spent on remand and was behind bars for two years in all. She will be on licence until 2016.

Lyons, of Portsmouth, Hants, has been warned she faces a lynch mob if she returns to her home city. Ex-pal Trina Jones, 31, said: “She’s total scum. She won’t last five minutes if she comes back here.”