Febuary 2009

Southampton man changes name after child porn charge

A SICK pervert who downloaded videos of young children being tortured changed his name after pleading guilty to protect his identity.

A judge imposed a court order banning the Daily Echo from revealing Raymond Morrison’s previous name.

The former hospital matron was jailed for two years for having more than 2,800 indecent images of children on his home computer.

It was claimed in court that Morrison had changed his name to protect his family.

Outraged children’s campaigners have attacked Morrison’s right to change his name after he had admitted child pornography offences saying he should not escape the full punishment for his crimes.

The Daily Echo is now challenging the order in the interests of justice. We cannot report why the order was imposed for legal reasons.

Southampton Crown Court heard how Morrison, 43, had thousands of images of children involved with sexual acts, including 468 images featuring the most extreme level of indecency.

Judge Jeremy Burford QC said that some of the films were so disturbing that the word “torture” could be used to describe what the young children had experienced.

“One lasted for 14 minutes so that child’s torture lasted for 14 minutes.

The experience that this very young child suffered cannot be described,” he added.

Morrison, of Lordswood, Southampton, who had been a senior matron in the operating theatre at Southampton General Hospital, was discovered after using an Internet messenger service which let him chat to and swap pictures with other Internet users.

The court heard how he also distributed 280 images, of which 35 were of a serious level of indecency and swapped four films all at the same high level, featuring children believed to be as young as fouryears- old in sexual activity with adults.

After a search of Morrison’s computer, the court heard how he also stored 139 indecent films, of which 93 were a serious level of indecency.

The court heard how Morrison would wait until his wife was asleep before spending anywhere from half an hour to two hours talking to other people and swapping files over the Internet.

Computer records showed that he could have swapped the images and videos with up to 175 people through messenger groups and file sharing sites, the court heard.

In mitigation, the court heard how Morrison was a respected nurse who had never physically harmed or been a threat to children.

Defence lawyer Sarah Jones said: “All his life all he has done has been with a view to helping people and to do something good.”

She added that since his arrest Morrison had paid and completed psychological courses so he could understand the seriousness of his actions and learn how the images can cause harm to children.

The court also heard Morrison had lost his job and his marriage was “destroyed” by his actions.

Morrison pleaded guilty to a total of 17 counts of indecency to children, including five counts of distribution, six counts of possessing indecent images and six counts of possessing indecent films.

Judge Burford told the court: “There must have been at least 175 users to the site and the defendant would wait until his wife had gone to bed before spending half an hour to two hours on the computer.

Sharing from 50 to a couple of hundred pictures of all grades of indecency.”

Morrison was sentenced to two years imprisonment, placed on the sex offenders’ register for ten years and has been banned indefinitely from working with children.