April 2009

Sex pest Richard Strange clambered into bedroom window

FORMER MoD worker Richard Strange propped a ladder against a house to see a teenage girl he fancied – but ended up climbing into her mother’s bedroom instead.

It was the middle of the night and Strange was high on booze and cocaine, when he clambered through an open window after hearing music playing.

Southampton Crown Court was told that when the 29-year-old realised he had climbed into the wrong room he quickly apologised, saying: “It’s okay, I’m going now.”

He then made his way onto the landing where he woke up the girl and her younger sister who rang the police.

Prosecutor Tim Dracass said the older girl came out of her room and followed Strange, who motioned her to go downstairs.

He then told her he fancied her and leaning forward, kissed her mouth and licked her lips.

Strange then left the house and returned to his partner, Lucy Harley’s home. They had a row and, after pushing her to the floor, he punched her three times in the face.

Strange, of Duttons Road, Romsey, was convicted of sexual assault but admitted battery.

Judge Jeremy Burford QC said ordinarily Strange would have gone to prison but he had served almost the equivalent of a year’s sentence on remand and drugs tests had been negative since the incident.

He then followed the probation report’s recommendation of giving him 12 months supervision and ordering him to attend various courses run by the service including one on domestic violence.

Strange was also placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years.