June 2009

Paedophile who kept girl, 9, as sex slave in cupboard is jailed for life

A van driver was jailed for life yesterday after he kept a nine-year-old girl as a  sex slave in a cupboard.

Stuart Cairnes,43, of Harford Street, Middlesborough, repeatedly raped the youngster in the caravan in Hartlepool,  Teesside, a court was told.

The girl, who was the daughter of a friend, told police that she was often left  gagged and hooded, said prosecutor Rupert Doswell.

Cairnes was convicted at Teesside Crown Court of three counts of rape of a child  under 13, and two charges of assault by penetration, and he must serve at least  ten years.

Judge Peter Fox QC told Cairnes: “Had she not  revealed that which you did then it is plain from what you said to her that  your intention was to keep her as your object of sexual gratification for  years.”

The case has chilling similarities to that of Josef Fritzl, who was found guilty of kidnapping his daughter Elisabeth, locking her in the cellar, and raping her over 3,000 times, over 24 years.

The sexual abuse resulted in 7’incest’ children.

Cairnes, from Middlesbrough, who was convicted of three specimen charges of  rape in 2007 and two of sexual assault, still denies his guilt, Teesside Crown Court was told.

He was given a life sentence and he must serve ten years before he is considered for parole.

He must sign the sex offenders register for life.

When Cairnes carried out the sickening acts, he bound and gagged her, tied her  to a chair and locked her in a dark cupboard.

He warned the youngster to keep the abuse a secret, and told her he planned to  use her as his sexual plaything for years.

The girl finally confided in teachers after months of attacks, but Cairnes denied doing anything wrong and maintained his innocence, even after being  found guilty by a jury.

The court heard during the trial that Cairnes was convicted of a string of  indecent assaults against two girls and boy when he was in his late teens.

Judge Peter Fox warned Cairnes he would only be released when he is no longer  considered a danger to children.

He said: “You have previous convictions, albeit many years ago, which indicate  sexual perversion towards children is deeply entrenched in your nature.

“You sexually abused this child of tender years in a terrible way,” said the  judge.

“There were many aggravating features and this cased falls into the category of  the most serious.”

Detective Sergeant Steve Bell of Middlesbrough Child Abuse Investigation Unit  said:  “The sentence passed by the court reflects the serious sexual abuse carried out  on the victim at the hands of Stuart Cairnes.

“The victim has been courageous and brave throughout what has been a difficult  investigation.

“Cairnes has now been proven to be a sadistic predatory paedophile that should  never have access to children.”