April 2010

Dagenham pervert’s car left to rust

A PAEDOPHILE’S car has been left rusting away in a disabled parking space outside a courthouse for six months because no one wants to touch it.

David Bowles, 60, drove the green Ford Fiesta to Snaresbrook Crown Court for every day of his trial.

But when the sex beast, who preyed on children in Dagenham, was jailed the car stayed where it was and court staff could not move it as technically it was private property.

It now displays an out of date tax disc and a blue disabled badge, indicating the driver will return with two hours.

Usually the defendant’s family would take the car away but relatives are disgusted with Bowles and want nothing to do with him.

After he was caged for 15 years last year one victim spoke exclusively to the POST about her horrifying experience at the hands of Bowles when she was just six.

The victim, whose identity cannot be revealed, was the first to come forward and tell police about Bowles’ vile crimes.

She said there were four other victims that she knew of and feared there were others as well.

Bowles was rolled away in a wheelchair by security staff after he was convicted of a string of vile sex crimes and sentenced to 15 years behind bars on October 9 last year.

During his trial, Bowles was photographed stepping out of his wheelchair and into the hatchback as he left court each afternoon.

The Fiesta has since remained in its spot, covered in a blanket of snow for several days during wintry conditions in January.

Now the vehicle bears a number of scratches and a cracked fog lamp as it lies neglected outside the Hollybush Hill-based court.

Bowles, of Portsmouth, Hants, was caged after he was convicted of a series sex attacks on children between the early ’60s and late ’90s.

He preyed on youngsters across the south east including victims in Beckton, Dagenham and Hampshire.

Bowles confessed to jurors that he abused one victim in 1965 after being released from a home for juvenile delinquents.

He claimed he had engaged in similar sexual activity with boys at an institution in Surrey and ‘didn’t know it was wrong’.

But Bowles denied the series of sex assault charges.

A member of court staff said steps are now being taken to take the car away.

‘It is a matter we are dealing with.

‘Action has been taken and is being taken to have it removed.’

Bowles, of Wymering Lane, Portsmouth, was convicted of rape, six counts of buggery, 11 counts of indecent assault and two counts of indecency with a child.

October 2009

Wheelchair paedophile jailed

A paedophile who raped and molested five children over four decades was yesterday jailed for 15 years.

David Bowles, 60, is now in a wheelchair but prosecutor Sandy Canavan told jurors he had been “a powerful 6ft 6in man who used his size to get what he wanted”.

Judge Peter Birts said he carried out a “campaign of rape”. The pervert performed scores of sex acts on victims in East London and Hants from the 60s to the late 90s.

Bowles, of Portsmouth, was found guilty at Snaresbrook crown court in East London of rape and other sex crimes.