October 2002


A CONVICTED rapist who used the internet to target a 10-year-old girl as his next victim was jailed for six years today.

James Gilmour, 50, made contact with the girl by posing as a schoolboy in a chatroom.

He was due to meet her the day before he was caught.

And a judge said today that Gilmour, who targeted the girl after being released early from a rape sentence, may have been ”grooming” the girl as another victim.

In the High Court in Edinburgh, Lord Bonomy said he had to impose a sentence to punish him and to protect the public.

Gilmour had earlier admitted conducting himself in a shamelessly indecent manner

towards the girl and sending her e-mails containing indecent remarks and images and phoning her and making arrangements to meet her.

The sex offender began by sending innocent messages, but ended up transmitting indecent photos from his flat in Glasgow to the girl’s home in Edinburgh.

But his victim’s parents alerted police as Gilmour was making plans to meet the girl.

Lord Bonomy said today: ”What existed here was a real risk you were grooming another victim, but didn’t actually make contact.

The judge said it was necessary to keep Gilmour under supervision on his eventual release.

He added: ”You are 50 years of age at the moment. You require to be supervised closely until at least the age of 65.”

The court heard Gilmour was released early on licence after raping a 15-year-old girl. In August 2000 he went to live with family in Maryhill, and secured work as a landscape gardener in the city’s Easterhouse area.

But on Christmas Day last year he logged onto the children’s chatline, claiming he was aged 13.

He made contact with the 10-year-old girl, now aged 11, who had just been given a computer.

Gilmour got the girl’s e-mail address and began sending her indecent images and phoned her.

After one phone call the girl’s concerned parents looked at her computer and found an image of a naked couple having sex.

Officers tracked down Gilmour, who initially denied everything, but then admitted it claiming it was ”just fantasy”.

Defence counsel Simon Gilbride stressed that there had been no face-to-face contact between Gilmour and the girl.

Gilmour showed no emotion as he was led off to begin his sentence today. He was earlier placed on the sex offenders’ register.

August 2002

Rapist guilty of chatroom trick

A convicted rapist out of prison on licence tried to trick an 11-year-old girl into meeting him after speaking to her in an internet chatroom.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that James Gilmour, 50, who had been jailed for raping a teenager, claimed he was a 13-year-old boy called “Jimmy G” when he corresponded with the girl.

The communication between Gilmour and the girl began in December 2001 with innocent messages.

But over the next four months Gilmour sent indecent photographs from his flat in Glasgow to the girl’s home and tricked her into giving him her mobile and home phone numbers and her e-mail address.

Bus stop

The child chatted to him from her Edinburgh home on a computer built by her father and given to her as a Christmas present.

When Gilmour rang to arrange to meet her at an Edinburgh bus stop in April this year, the child’s mother answered and became alarmed.

Police were alerted and Gilmour was arrested just 24 hours before he was due to meet the girl and her friend.

Gilmour admitted conducting himself in a shamelessly indecent manner towards the girl, e-mailing her indecent remarks and images and trying to meet her.

Previous convictions

Advocate depute Norman Ritchie, prosecuting, said that Gilmour had two previous convictions for sexual offences in 1975 and 1996.

He was jailed for seven years in 1996 for raping a teenage girl and was released on licence from prison in August 2000.

He went to live with his ex-wife and teenage son in her home in the Maryhill area of Glasgow.

Gilmour was returned to jail and ordered to be placed on the sex offenders’ register.