December 2002

Paedophile gave £5 to victim

A “brutal” paedophile gave one of his victims £5 after he sexually abused her, a court has heard.

Lincolnshire farm worker John Gunn, 56, faces 10 years in prison after being found guilty of a series of attacks.

Among his victims were a seven-year-old girl and a number of young boys.

His youngest victim said she had been made to feel like a prostitute after he handed her £5 following a sex assault.

She calmly told the jury at Hull Crown Court she did not care if Gunn was found guilty or not, adding: “I am doing this for me.”

Gunn, who protested his innocence to the most serious charges of rape, admitted he felt guilty about the young girl and it had eaten away at him for 30 years since the offence occurred.

Gunn, of Epworth, near Scunthorpe, admitted charges of wounding and two counts of indecent assault on an under-age girl.

He was found guilty of two rapes and buggery, in addition to his pleas of guilty to a series of common assault on three boys.

Judge Tom Cracknell jailed Gunn for 10 years, saying: “It seems to me, having heard the evidence, you are brutal, selfish autocratic and perverted man.

“Your sexual abuse of that girl has emotionally disfigured her – all to satisfy your perverted lust.”

Sex register

Gunn was found not guilty of raping a third woman outside the Swan pub, in Barton, and three assaults causing actual bodily harm.

At the start of the trial Gunn admitted a wounding charge, two indecent assaults on the girl, and four common assaults on females and young boys.

He was found not guilty on the orders of the judge of the rape of a middle-aged woman.

The court ordered Gunn should be put on a sex offenders register for the rest of his life.