March 2012

Man caught after viewing child sex abuse images on hacked cake website

A husband who downloaded hundreds of images of child sex abuse was caught when he viewed images on a compromised cake-baking website, a court heard today.

Edward Guibarra, 64, was found out after a site designed for people to upload videos of themselves making a favourite cake or meal was illegally taken over.

During the 18 hours before the hosts of Build-A-Recipe became aware of the problem, thousands of sick images were posted onto the site.

But the identities of all those who connected up were recorded, and police were later able to visit users.

Cardiff Crown Court heard that one of the addresses identified through the user-list was at St Isan Road, Heath, Cardiff, where Guibarra told officers who arrived with a warrant in June last year: “It’s me and you will find what you are looking for on this.”

Prosecutor Gareth Jones said: “He handed them a laptop computer from his bedroom.

“On it were a total of 405 images of child pornography and of extreme pornography which included acts of bestiality.”

Most concerning, the court heard, was one picture which had been altered by Guibarra where he superimposed the head and face of a young female known to him onto the body of a naked woman.

He was said to have been completely candid with police and pleaded guilty to 15 charges when he first appeared before a court.

But he had absolutely no explanation for why he would have created the picture involving the young acquaintance, said defence barrister Marion Lewis.

“It was perhaps a moment of madness,” she told a judge.

Guibarra admitted he had been viewing indecent images of children for more than three years.

He claimed personal circumstances at home, with his wife, led to him initially viewing adult porn.

Through that, he just came across the material involving children and once he started looking, became addicted to viewing it, Ms Lewis said.

She said he had stresses in his life at the time, including at work and caused by illness.

But she added he had shown genuine remorse and an insight into the effect on the children being photographed and had also sought treatment since being caught out.

He was given a three-year community order with treatment, ordered to pay £250 costs and put on the sex offenders register for five years.

There was also a sexual offences prevention order imposed against him, which restricts his future use of the internet.

A judge told him the offences he’d admitted encouraged the abuse of children because people like him, wanting to view such material, only created a market for it.