January 2018

Paedophile tried to buy 5-year-old victim’s silence for £1

A serial sex offender in Devon who tried to buy the silence of one of his victims for just £1 has has been jailed for five and a half years.

Paedophile Keith Morris, 57, of Bodley Close in Exeter, has spent almost a decade of his life in prison for sexually assaulting children.

He appeared for his latest sentence at Exeter Crown Court after admitting 10 offences of indecent assault and indecency with a child, who was aged five at the time offence, in Torquay more than 20 years ago.

The court heard Morris, a charity worker, assaulted the boy on several occasions, offering him £1 to buy his silence, reports Devon Live.

A statement by his victim, now an adult, told the court the abuse had had a devastating effect on his life and he wished Morris was dead.

He said: “I was a child. It’s ruined my life. I am responsible for my actions but it is always there in my life and thoughts.

“I can’t even remember my early years and I’ve managed to block that part out. I can’t remember my first birthday or teachers from primary school.”

He said self-harming had become a habit and he would have to live with what happened for the rest of his life.

“The hardest thing is he will show no remorse. He doesn’t understand the impact. I’m the one with a life sentence hanging over me. No amount of prison will take this away from me.

“Truthfully I wish he was dead. That way he can’t hurt anybody else.”

– He was jailed in 1980 for six months for indecent assault on a 14-year-old boy with learning difficulties and gross indecency with a 10-year-old boy.

– Jailed for three years in 1989 for sexual assaults on boys aged six, eight and 10.
– Received an indeterminate sentence in 2007 for sexually assaulting a vulnerable boy – abused the schoolboy for two years and threatened to KILL him if he told anyone – Served 7 years

– Jailed in 2018 after repeatedly abusing a five-year-old boy

Since his release from prison he had been living in Exeter and working for a charity while subject to stringent licence conditions and monitoring.

Morris said he was now ‘comfortable with my sexuality and fantasies’ and understood how to manage his sexual urgings.

January 2018

Notorious paedophile faces long prison sentence

One of Britain’s most notorious paedophiles is facing a long jail sentence after he admitted the historic abuse of a five-year-old boy.

Keith Morris was the subject of questions in Parliament when he was released on bail rather than remanded in custody pending his sentence in 2007 because of prison overcrowding.

He has now admitted a series of offences which pre-date the 2007 case, in which he received an indeterminate sentence, of which he served seven years.

He has a long history of offences against young boys and in the past has he has given police a shocking interview about how he groomed them for sex.

Morris, aged 57, formerly of Drewsmead, Ilsington, Newton Abbot, but now of Bodley Close, Exeter, admitted 10 counts of indecent assault or indecency when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court.

They were all committed against the same victim when the boy was aged five to nine in the 1990s.

They happened after he had served a three-year sentence in 1989 for other assaults on boys but before he received the indefinite sentence for public protection 10 years ago.

That was imposed for a sexual assault on a vulnerable 15-year-old boy with learning difficulties and caused a furore when the victim’s family complained that he would be eligible for parole after four years. In the event he was freed after seven.

Judge Geoffrey Mercer, QC, adjourned sentence until January 26 and released him on bail. He told him to expect a jail sentence.

At the time of his previous sentence, the prosecution revealed the chilling account which Morris gave to police of his paedophile urges and his grooming techniques.

Prosecutor Mr Terry Holder said: ‘He said he was more attracted to young boys before they reached puberty because they were easier to persuade.

‘He said he would begin by wrestling with them over their clothes to get them used to him and take it further step by step.

‘He said he told boys not to tell their parents and gave then sweets and he was sexually aroused by the element of control.

‘He was to say that his sexual attraction for boys would never go away and he deals with it in the best way he can.’

Update: Morris is now living in Exeter

February 2007

Fury at 4-year term for perv

THE family of a child sex abuse victim hit out after learning that his attacker may be free in four years.

Serial paedophile Keith Morris abused the schoolboy for two years and threatened to KILL him if he told anyone.

Morris, 46, was caged indefinitely yesterday – but the judge said he can apply for release in just four years.

Morris was arrested after complaints were made about his sex activities with a schoolboy at a house in Torquay.

He admitted at an earlier hearing to three offences of causing a person under 16 to engage in sexual activity without consent and one offence of sexual activity with a child under 16.

The boy’s aunt said: “We’re outraged. This man is a serial paedophile and should have got ten years. My nephew will be gutted.”Fury first erupted last month when Morris was freed on bail due to prison overcrowding.

Morris, of Ilsington, Devon, is a self-confessed paedophile who served two jail terms in the 1980s.

He admitted charges relating to sexual activity with a child.

Morris has previous convictions for sex offences against young boys and admitted to police that he had a problem with children and was attracted to young boys.

In 1980 Morris was convicted of indecent assault on a 14-year-old boy and gross indecency with a 10-year-old boy.

He was then jailed for six months.

In 1989 he was convicted of indecent assaults on boys aged six, eight and 10.

On that occasion he was jailed for 30 months.

His sentence at Exeter Crown Court means he will only be freed when probation staff say it is safe.

Judge Graham Cottle was required by law to set the minimum four-year term before Morris can apply for release.