November 2003

Child Rapist made child victims dance

A paedophile who raped two young girls after forcing them to dance naked for him has been jailed for life.

Peter Duffy, 55, from Oban, abused five girls over a 16-year period up to 1997.

One of his victims, an 11-year-old girl, managed to get herself expelled from school and taken into care after her mother refused to believe that she was being molested.

Jailing him at the High Court in Edinburgh, judge Lady Paton told Duffy he had committed terrible crimes.

Lady Paton said he would serve a minimum of 12 years and could still not be sure of release after that.

Duffy was regularly left in charge of children between 1981 and 1997.

He admitted raping one girl while she was aged between five and 10 and another aged between six and 10.

One child was shown pornographic videos and both children were persuaded to dance naked in front of him.

The children were also made to talk in a sexually explicit manner and take part in sex acts.

The unmarried joiner also admitted abusing three other young girls.

One of them told her mother but she did not believe her.

Advocate depute Norman Ritchie QC said: “She embarked on a course of deliberately misbehaving when aged 11.

“She correctly anticipated that if she stopped going to school she would be expelled and taken into care and would be free of the attentions of Duffy.”

Mr Ritchie said the girl spent five years in care.

He told the court that the two rape victims were subjected to abuse either individually or sometimes when both girls were there.

Lady Paton told Duffy: “These were terrible crimes. I consider you have demonstrated an appalling lack of insight and minimal remorse and you present a considerable danger to young girls and a serious threat to the safety of the public.

“This is a case, in my view, of great gravity.”

The judge said Duffy should serve a minimum of 12 years in prison before he can even apply for release.

Duffy, of Glenshalloch Terrace, in Oban, was placed on the sex offenders’ register.

Suffers nightmares

Mr Ritchie said one of the rape victims finally broke her silence earlier this year because she feared that Duffy might pose a risk to another child.

He added that one rape victim still felt shame about what occurred.

“She still has a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach when she thinks about what happened,” he said.

The other rape victim still suffers nightmares.

Defence counsel Lewis Kennedy said Duffy made “frank and candid admissions” to the police when they began investigating the case.

A report warned that Duffy posed a high risk of reoffending and Mr Kennedy said: “His condition may not be curable. It can be controllable.”