May 2004

Doctor is jailed for sex offences

A GP from Darlington has been jailed for three-and-a-half years for 23 sexual offences against his patients.

Syed Amjad Husain pleaded guilty to the offences against female patients aged between four and 74, during the trial at Leeds Crown Court.

He used a secret camera to film them as they were being examined.

The judge described the offences as nauseating and outrageous and placed 30-year-old Husain on the sex offenders’ register for life.

Examination table

Husain, of Darlington, admitted using the secret camera with the lens hidden inside a box of tissues.

He also pleaded guilty to five offences of indecent assault.

Jamie Hill, for the prosecution, said Husain’s activities were uncovered by a 32-year-old woman who visited the surgery complaining of abdominal pain.

Mr Hill said: “When she raised her head to see what was happening, she saw a tissue box with a hole, inside was a camera lens. It was positioned on the examination table between her legs.”

When police searched his house they recovered a computer which had more than 1,500 indecent images of children on it.

‘Disgrace and shame’

Another raid at his house uncovered another computer where police found the film of Husain examining his patients, and in some cases indecently assaulting them.

Mr Hill said: “This was clearly, say the prosecution, secret filming. The images were then transferred to the defendant’s computer.”

In a letter written to the court, Husain apologised to his patients and profession.

It said: “I am immature as a doctor and immature as a person, without any sexual experience. The combination of this has unfortunately contributed to my demise.”

His barrister, Tim Roberts, said Husain’s medical career was over and he had brought disgrace and shame to his family.