Ronald Blackmore, 64, known as children’s entertainer Bozo the Clown, died in Wymott Prison, Leyland, in April 2006.

December 2005

Pervert clown banned for life


A CIRCUS clown who used his slapstick routines to mask his sick perversions has been banned from ever working as a clown again.

Predatory paedophile Ronald Blackmore, better known as Bozo the clown, was jailed for three years in June at Preston Crown Court after admitting breaking an interim Sexual Offences Prevention Order three times.

Now, under the terms of a rare, lifelong Sexual Offences Prevention Order imposed today, magistrates said Blackmore, 63, must never work as a clown again. The magistrates acted after being told how Blackmore even groomed children in hospital.

Blackmore was the first graduate from Britain’s school for clowns and worked at the world famous Blackpool Tower Circus as well as touring the country. Sue McLane, prosecuting, told Blackpool magistrates: “Blackmore spent some time in hospital as a patient and while there, his behaviour towards children was seen by staff to be so inappropriate that he had to be moved to a side ward. Fascinated “He had a lot of clown’s props and material with him which fascinated children at the hospital. But all the time he was grooming them.”

When he was put on an interim Sexual Offences Prevention Order, he flagrantly breached it. A specialist NSPCC team said he was a high-risk offender. “We feel this order must be in place for life because children will always be under threat from Blackmore and we believe he will not change his ways,” said Ms McLane.

In 2002, Blackmore was convicted of four offences of indecently assaulting an 11-year-old girl. The court heard that after grooming the girl, he sexually molested her while bathing her when she stayed overnight at his home. Afterwards, he threatened her not to tell what had happened. He was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment and put on the Sex Offenders Register for 10 years – but within a week of his release from jail last year he was preying on children again. A police investigation also revealed that when Blackmore was discharged from hospital, girls as young as seven were visiting his home.

The girls referred to Blackmore as “Uncle Ronnie” and a collection of children’s toys, books and bags of sweets were found at his home. Breached Lancashire police then obtained an interim court order forbidding Blackmore, who lives in Blackpool, from communicating with children.

Within weeks, he had breached his interim order. He repeatedly fed ducks in a park while with children and spent Christmas at the home of a family with two young girls after telling the parents he was homeless. Blackmore is currently in Wymott Prison, Leyland and his earliest release date is in June next year.

He did not attend the hearing, asking to be excused because of his heart problems, and stating by letter that he did not oppose the order. Under the order, Blackmore is banned from seeking to contact or communicating with any child under 16 in person, or allowing anyone under 16 into his home or premises he is residing at. He is also banned from joining or attending any sports, educational, leisure club or institution which would bring him into repeated contact with children under 16 years old.

After the hearing, the officer in charge of the case, Pc Dillon Sharrock, said: “The order is necessary to stop this man, who is a persistent high risk to children. He has been of great concern to the police’s Public Protection Unit.”