November 2004

Paedophile jailed for six years

A paedophile who fantasised about killing a child has been given a six-year-jail sentence.

Roy Dungay, 56, from Kennedy Gardens in Billingham, pleaded guilty in June to three offences of sexual interference with children.

Teesside Crown Court heard he assaulted three six-year-old girls while teaching them reading and computer skills.

He had told a defence psychiatrist that he had fantasised about snatching a child for sex and finally killing it.

Dungay found a job as a teacher’s assistant working with youngsters with special needs.

The organisation gave him the job because he had no previous convictions and was a computer expert.

One of the girls he attacked complained to her mother and brother, but the next day, before police stepped in, he attacked two more.

He wrote a signed confession to the school which police found at his home, reading “I don’t feel guilty about what I did, why should I?”

Peter Sabison, defending, said: “I cannot step back from the fact that the sexual fantasies that are highlighted in defence reports are very disturbing.

“But he seems to be sorry for what he has done. He co-operated with the police and the doctor, he made striking admissions, he has requested help, and he is anxious to obtain any treatment.”

Judge Peter Armstrong told Dungay: “You deliberately sought out the opportunity to interfere with young children.

“Although to your credit you have managed to avoid putting your fantasies into practice until now, now that you have committed these offences it seems to me that it is necessary for this court to pass sentences which will protect the public for a very considerable time.”

Dungay was jailed for six years, banned for life from working with children, and ordered to register as a sex offender for life.