March 2005

Guilty plea to downloading porn

A woman who had to employ her own private detective to catch a paedophile is calling for more police funding.

Timothy Bozman, 30, who worked for a Cornish fish company in Looe, was suspected of downloading images of child pornography.

But when colleagues reported it to the police, they were told to install their own camera to catch him out.

Bozman pleaded guilty to 15 offences relating to downloading images of child pornography at Truro Crown Court.

‘Worst crime’

Bozman, from South East Cornwall and who now lives in Nafferton, Yorkshire, was given a three-year community rehabilitation order.

The court was told Bozman, who worked for S and L Fish, was downloading the images at night on the company’s computer and some of the almost 3,000 images involved children of a very young age.

When Teresa Portman went to report Bozman, officers told her they did not know exactly when they could look into the case and she should install their own camera to catch him out.

Shaun Barrett, who also works at S and L Fish, says they decided to take it further and pay for it themselves.

He said: “We put up a covert camera which caught Mr Bozman in the act, so to speak, and that was all the evidence that we needed.

“Why would we have to do that ourselves when, really to me, it’s the worst crime of all.”

‘Irrefutable evidence’

Police told Ms Portman and Mr Barrett there would be a delay of several months before the material could be viewed because of a backlog, but then extra money was made available to look at the material.

A Devon and Cornwall Police statement said: “This is a very labour intensive and time consuming task.

“It is important that the technical side of the investigation is thorough, to ensure that no evidence is overlooked.

“We would welcome any initiative that provides us with irrefutable evidence that will assist in a prosecution, in addition to evidence gathered by our own investigators.”

Judge David Ticehurst told Bozman he was sick and needed treatment and gave him a three-year community rehabilitation order and placed him on the sex offenders’ register for five years.