September 2009

Ex-Lincolnshire newspaper man had child porn pictures

A former newspaper publisher who developed an obsession with child pornography went back to his old ways within days of being released from jail, a court heard.

Kevin Skaith, former publisher of the Lincolnshire Gazette, moved back to his family home in uphill Lincoln and started accessing vile images by the thousand.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court that police were tipped off by a confidential source about his activities and raided Skaith’s home in April 2007.

During the raid officers discovered a CD-rom loaded into a DVD player attached to Skaith’s television.

The disc was examined and found to contain 1,166 indecent images of children.

Skaith described the images as “old stuff” but the search revealed a stash of CD-roms hidden behind a kick board in the bedroom.

Officers eventually recovered 119,688 indecent images of children from Skaith’s bedroom.

Skaith was previously jailed for three-and-a-half years with a further three year extended licence period back in May 2005. That prosecution arose after two separate raids on Skaith’s home in Thonock Close, Lincoln, which led to the discovery of thousands of child porn images.

He was released early on licence on March 1, 2007, only to be arrested again six weeks later. Analysis of his computer and the CD-roms showed he began looking at indecent images again in the same month as he was released.

Skaith has since been returned to Whatton Prison to continue his original sentence.

Skaith, 42, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to possession of 119,688 child porn images on April 27, 2007.

He also admitted nine charges of making indecent photographs of children between April 18, 2005, and April 22, 2007.

Giles Bedloe, in mitigation, said “This is clearly a man who has a problem and an obsession. It is an addiction which needs addressing.”