November 2010

Rapist locked up after repeatedly attacking teenager – then burying their newborn baby

A sick rapist has been locked up for 13 years after repeatedly raping a teenage girl – and then burying their baby under concrete just days after it was born.

Scrap dealer Mark Whitehurst, 47, dumped the baby in a hole at his rented scrapyard in Fenton, Staffordshire, in 2006.

But the body was only discovered in June this year after the teenage victim spoke out to police about the horrific abuse.

Whitehurst, from Middleport, Staffordshire, will now begin a 13-year jail sentence after admitting two charges of rape, nine counts of sexual activity with a child and a charge of concealing the birth of a child.

In a victim impact statement read out at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court yesterday, the girl, who cannot be named, told of the terror she suffered.

She revealed the extreme physical, emotional and sexual abuse suffered at the hands of Whitehurst and described the pregnancy and childbirth as the ‘scariest thing she had ever been through’.

She said: ‘No words can explain just how traumatic the whole experience has been, not just for me but for my family.

‘He caused me immense physical and psychological pain.

‘I felt degraded. I will never be the same again. I’ve lost a huge part of my childhood that I will never get back.’

The court heard the girl became pregnant and gave birth on her own.

Prosecuting, Robert Price said: ‘She held it – it was alive and screaming. It was put into a basket with fluff in its mouth and put in a box.’

Whitehurst was unaware the girl had given birth, but the court heard that days later when he found out he insisted he was going to get rid of the baby.

Mr Price added: ‘He dug a hole in a scrapyard and tricked an employee into helping him.’

 Paul Cliff, defending, said Whitehurst was not aware the teenager was pregnant.

He said: ‘Following the birth there was a period of time before the defendant was aware there was a baby and that it had been concealed.

‘The defendant said he believed the girl had suffered a gynaecological problem.

‘He discloses a degree of acceptance of wrongdoing. He is aware he requires help for the distorted thoughts and actions that underpin these offences.’

Judge Mark Eades told Whitehurst: ‘You sought to dominate and control her. She was simply a child who you manipulated.

‘One of the most disturbing factors of this case is the birth of the baby. She gave birth alone and frightened and you took the steps to bury the baby in a scrapyard.’

‘It is possible to envisage worse cases but they are few and far between.’