March 2005

Paedo in new lair close to little kids

A NOTORIOUS paedophile has found a new bolthole – just yards from a nursery.

Experts say John Ratface Brewer is a danger to little girls and a high risk.

His sick crimes date from 1996 and include indecently assaulting a girl of five.

He also flew to America to have sex with a girl of seven in 2004 – helped by a woman he met on the internet.

Brewer was caged for nine months before being booted back to Britain on a technicality.

The greasy-haired pervert was seen lurking near kids in a park in Plymouth, Devon, in 2005 – shortly after a child porn pictures rap.

A judge said he had all the hallmarks of a long-term paedophile.

He has now moved 100 miles to Bournemouth, Dorset. A nursery for kids aged two to five is 200 yards from his flat. Two others are nearby.

Our reporter asked Brewer why he had moved.

He snapped: Who told you I was here? I’ll go and get my knife and stab you. . . f*** off.”

June 2005

Man sentenced for indecent images

A man, whose conviction for flying to the US to have sex with a child was overturned, has been sentenced for possessing child pornography.

John Brewer was given a sentence of five years and seven months after four indecent images were found on a disk at his flat in Plymouth, Devon.

But because of the 104 days he has spent in custody on remand, Brewer, 41, walked free from Plymouth Crown Court.

If he breaches the terms of his licence he will be returned to jail.

‘Long-term paedophile’

Police found four indecent photographs of children on a computer disk at Brewer’s Plymouth flat after being alerted by the American authorities.

He was arrested and charged over the images when he was freed from a US jail and deported to Britain eight months later.

Plymouth magistrates convicted Brewer in June of four counts of making indecent pictures of children and one count of possessing indecent pictures of children.

Judge Sean Overend told him: “I think you have all the hallmarks of a long-term paedophile.

“I can see years of danger to pre-pubescent females ahead.”

Brewer, who has been staying at a bail hostel in Camborne, Cornwall, has also been ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.