Paedo roaming British streets

A CHILD sex monster kicked out of Australia is stalking British streets completely unsupervised thanks to a legal loophole.

Evil William Gallagher, 62, is a “maximum risk” sex offender who has spent much of the past 30 years in jail for horrific attacks on boys.

Australia could have caged the British-born pervert for life after his last offence, but instead revoked his visa and deported him back to the UK.

But British authorities are barred from constantly monitoring him as he has not been convicted of any offence here.

And in confidential reports they admit they TWICE lost track of him completely when he ended up sleeping rough.

Incredibly, police and probation teams have now put him in a homeless centre next to a youth hostel and a skateboard park.

New laws Down Under mean perverts can be jailed indefinitely if they are considered a danger to the public.

Here, Gallagher was ordered to sign the Sex Offender’s Register and notify authorities of his movements after he was met by police on arrival at Heathrow.

He now calls himself John Hewitt and staff at his West London hostel are told never to discuss his past crimes.

But worried fellow residents contacted The Sun after his identity leaked out.

One said: “He never speaks to anyone, not a word, and goes out early most mornings to hover around the bus stop as the kids head to school.

“I’ve never seen him speak to them, he just watches and lurks in the background. It’s become a kind of ritual.

“There’s no monitoring of him whatsoever. He’s free to come and go as he pleases.”

Yesterday, Sun investigators watched as Gallagher emerged at 7am to keep his regular bus stop vigil.

He loitered in shop doorways until 8.30am, then joined a queue outside a post office. As soon as it opened he left, but the ruse let him stand for 15 minutes beside a bus shelter packed with children, as other kids passed by.

Neither the children nor the mums holding the little ones’ hands had any idea they were being surveyed by an incurable child sex fiend.

A source close to the case said: “This man will always be a dangerous, determined paedophile. Who’ll take the blame when he strikes again?”

Last night The Sun called police to warn that Gallagher might abscond once he realises his cover has been blown.

Senior officers promised to urgently review the case.

Chief Supt David Morgan said: “What has happened shows the challenges we face in cases like this. We have been proactive in getting him under some sort of control, but can only react to specific information. He will be moved from the hostel immediately.”

June 2006

Child sex offender deported to UK

A Scottish-born paedophile has returned to the UK after Australian authorities approved his deportation.

William Gallagher, 62, had lived in Australia for almost 40 years and has a string of convictions for sex offences against boys dating back to 1973.

A Sydney judge said there was a “high risk” of reoffending and his visa was revoked on character grounds after his release from a New South Wales jail.

Gallagher, from Glasgow, landed at Heathrow Airport this morning.

He was met off the flight from Sydney by Metropolitan Police officers.

The force said he had not been arrested but would be made to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register.

It is thought Gallagher could return to Glasgow, where he still has relatives in the east end.

‘Protecting children’

A spokesman for Strathclyde Police said Gallagher would be monitored if he returns to the force area.

Gallagher’s most recent conviction was for the indecent assault of a 13-year-old boy at an amusement arcade in Sydney in 2003.

One of his victims said: “It’ll definitely help my brother and I sleep at night to know he won’t be walking the street.

“Hopefully Scotland will hold up their end and really keep an eye on him so there is not a Scottish mother, daughter or sister on TV in 18 months time.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Executive said: “Protecting our children is a top priority.

“However, it is not appropriate for ministers to comment on individual cases.