June 2007

Sex antics woman avoids jail

A WOMAN who propositioned two underage boys who found her having drunken sex in an alleyway escaped jail this week.

Instead Rebecca Kennedy has been banned from pubs and bars.

Single mother Kennedy, 26, had been drinking all afternoon when the boys came across her and her ex-boyfriend Graham Harrison, 44, in an alleyway behind The Chieftain public house in Cole Green Lane, Welwyn Garden City, on May 9 last year.

The boys, who were 14 and 15 at the time of the incident, claimed Kennedy was on the ground having sex with Mr Harrison, and when she saw them got up and began masturbating before making crude remarks to them.

On Tuesday at St Albans Crown Court Kennedy, of Broadwater Crescent, Welwyn Garden City, was given a five-month night-time curfew order and banned from any licensed premises for 18 months. She was also ordered to attend an alcohol rehabilitaton programme and will be on the Sex Offenders’ Register for five years.

Giving evidence via video link at her trial the boys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said Kennedy leant against a wall, slapped her bottom and said she wanted sex. One of the boys then said she approached him, crouched down with her trousers around her ankles and rubbed herself on the front wheel of his BMX bicycle.

She then grabbed one of the boys and pushed him up against the wall with her hands around his neck, telling him, “You’ve had to learn the hard way”.

Kennedy and Mr Harrison were arrested in another alleyway after the boys called the police. At Hatfield police station her knickers were found in her shoe and she was so drunk that officers were unable to interview her until the following day.

In the witness box, Kennedy told the court that she had met up with Mr Harrison because he still had some of her belongings. After their drinking session in The Chieftain, she decided to change into a different top in the alleyway because she was hot.

She said: “I heard whistling and there were two teenage boys approaching us on their bikes. They shouted out, We know what you’ve been doing.’ I told them to grow up and go away.”

Kennedy said the boys laughed at her stretch marks, which upset her, and one shouted obscene remarks.

She said: “I’d had enough of them being totally inappropriate and cheeky for their age.

“I grabbed one of the boys by his top and pushed him against the wall. I told him he should have more respect for adults.”

She insisted that she and Mr Harrison, who hit her before they were arrested, had not been having sex, and said her knickers had somehow fallen into her shoe while she was changing at the police station.

After Kennedy was convicted of two counts of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child and one of assault, Mr Bagnall told Judge Michael Baker QC that she had “difficulty” with alcohol.

Sentencing, Judge Baker told Kennedy: “You behaved lewdly, abusively and aggressively towards them.

“You showed your nakedness, masturbated, or pretended to do so, and assaulted the younger one.

“The only explanation was that you were drunk, but that is no excuse. You are devoid of remorse or even shame.”

A WOMAN who propositioned two underage boys who found her having drunken sex in an alleyway escaped jail this week.