August 2008

Pervert claimed he had satanic powers during abuse


A pervert from Sutton who claimed as he sexually abused a young girl in West Malling 20 years ago he had Satanic powers was jailed for 14 years today.

As well as making the evil threats to the victim and her parents, Peter Rowley also terrified the girl into silence by warning he would lock her in a chest.

Today as he jailed him, a judge at Maidstone Crown Court told the 62-year-old chronic alcoholic his behaviour was particularly serious and showed the “really wicked” nature of the crimes which had blighted the girl’s life.

Rowley of Wendling Road, Sutton, forced his now grown-up victim to relive the abuse by denying it had happened.

He pleaded not guilty to one charge of rape, one of another serious sexual offence and four of indecent assault, but was convicted.

The court was told Rowley first started to molest the girl in West Malling in 1988. She was forced to touch him and repeatedly perform other sex acts and was eventually raped.

Eloise Marshall, prosecuting, said Rowley had more recently been convicted of indecent exposure. He had also admitted harassing a neighbour by sending indecent letters.

Charlotte Newell, defending, said the sex offences were “disgraceful and abhorrent” and clearly had a long-lasting effect on the victim.

“There is very little I can put forward by way of mitigation,” she said.

“There were, of course, threats – overt and implicit. No actual violence was used.

“I don’t suggest there is no risk. It is alarming and needs intervention. That will be available to him in prison.”

Miss Marshall said Rowley accepted he must have committed the offences but could not yet admit it to himself.

“He has been a chronic alcoholic for many years,” she said.

“It has had a drastic effect on his working life and relationships. Here he is in his 60s, ruined by alcohol and facing a lengthy term of imprisonment.”

Judge Charles Macdonald, QC, told Rowley: “You sought to ensure her silence by threatening her. You threatened her with satanic powers. Because of her young age, she believed you.

“For some 20 years she lived with these matters as secrets. The effect on her emotional development has been extremely adverse and serious.

“It seems you have shown some remorse. I think that carries little weight. You didn’t plead guilty to any of these matters.

“You compelled the complainant to the experience of a trial lasting many days.”

Rowley was placed on the sex offenders’ register for life and banned from working with children.