June 2009

Tortured paedophile sent to prison

A PAEDOPHILE who paid a teenager for sexual favours and stored thousands of indecent images and films of children on his computer has been jailed.

Simon Hore pleaded guilty to 29 charges, including sexual activity with a child, distributing indecent images and downloading indecent images and films of children.

Police found 3,327 pictures of child pornography on his computer, including 88 category four and three category five photographs – the two most serious categories.

There were 916 films of children involved in sexual activity stored on his computer, including 251 category four and 11 category five video files.

An e-mail with 10 indecent images attached was found in Hore’s ‘sent’ folder.

Guildford Crown Court heard last Friday that police had uncovered Hore’s illegal behaviour during an investigation into his kidnap and subsequent escape in October last year.

Prosecutor Robin Sellers told the court that 38-year-old Hore had been paying a 15-year-old boy from Aldershot for sexual services after meeting him through an internet chat room.

The teenager, who cannot be named, was also having a sexual relationship with 33-year-old Paul Montgomery, from Tongham.

When Montgomery found out about Hore, he and the teenager lured him to a car park where Montgomery threatened him with a knife, bundled him into a car and tied him up and blindfolded him.

Hore was held captive for three days, during which time he was tortured by Montgomery, the boy and two other teenagers.

He eventually managed to escape, but suffered a brain haemorrhage and a broken nose.

Depressed and lonely

Mr Sellers told the court that after the gang were arrested, the boy told police he had met Hore in February 2008 after the teenager had advertised himself on the internet.

A month later he spent three days at Hore’s home in Browning Road, Worthing, West Sussex.

He claimed Hore had raped him on one occasion, but when interviewed by police Hore revealed he had paid the teenager £300 that night for sexual services.

E-mails found on Hore’s computer confirmed there had been a relationship between the pair.

The court heard that the encounters between Hore and the boy did not always result in sexual activity, but the man had admitted to police that he had performed oral sex, masturbation and attempted anal sex on the teenager.

He paid the boy up to £240 each occasion.

Paul Walker, defending, told the court that Hore had initially thought the teenager was 20-years-old but discovered several months later that he was only 15.

Mr Walker said: “He met [the teenager] at a time in his life when he was extremely depressed, extremely lonely.

“He paid him for sex but what he really wanted was a relationship and companionship but to find that with a 15-year-old youth, who he eventually came to know was 15, was entirely wrong.”

After being arrested and charged, Hore sought help to change his behaviour by self-referring himself to counselling and contacting his family for support, the court heard.

Judge Neil Stewart acknowledged Hore had been tortured, degraded and humiliated during his kidnap and said it would be taken into consideration when passing down a sentence.

“It does seem to me that this experience is something which is likely to reduce the risk of you committing further offences in future,” Judge Stewart said.

He sentenced Hore to 12 months for sexual activity with a child and 20 months for downloading and distributing indecent images and films of children, with the sentences to run consecutively.

Hore was also banned from working with children and vulnerable adults.