June 2011

Paedophile who claimed he was asleep when he molested two girls jailed for three years

A paedophile who said he was ASLEEP when he molested two young girls was jailed for three years yesterday.

Vile John Goldie wrote in an email to the husband of one of his victims that he suffered from “sexsomnia” – a disorder where people engage in sexual acts while sleeping.

Goldie, 58, continued to protest his innocence, forcing his victims to go through a trial, but was convicted of five sex charges covering 26 years.

Sentencing, Sheriff Mungo Bovey QC told him: “Your conduct was of the lowest kind.”

He ordered Goldie, a financial adviser of Crossford, Fife, to serve a three-year community sentence after his release.

Goldie can be sent back to jail if he reoffends during that time, but the whining creep may not live to get out of prison.

He has terminal cancer, which he claims was brought on by the stress of his court case.

Goldie began tormenting one of his victims when she was “eight or nine”, touching her indecently in a hotel jacuzzi.

The victim told the jury Goldie abused her “up to twice a week” until she turned 15, often attacking her after driving her around in his car.

The woman, now in her 30s, said of the abuse: “I felt trapped. I’d rather be dead.”

She said Goldie would laugh as he molested her. But she added: “I didn’t see it as funny. I hated it. I was scared of him.”

The woman told her husband in 2002 what Goldie had done to her, then confided in her mum six years later before going to police.

After Goldie was exposed, he emailed one of his victims’ husbands to peddle his lies about “sexsomnia”.

He said he had “no recollections” of committing the abuse.

Goldie denied in court that he had made excuses for himself in the email, then went on to brand one of his victims “a compulsive liar”.

He added: “This has been a stressful situation for two-and-a-half years for me. I have terminal cancer now. It was brought on by the stress.”

Goldie was convicted of five counts of lewd, indecent and libidinous practices, committed between January 1982 and August 7, 2008.

Outside Cupar Sheriff Court, a relative of one of the victims said: “Goldie is a horrible, evil man. He has lied for days in this court and has made our lives hell. Justice has been done.”

Another family member added: “The sentence should have been longer. He is evil. He’s devastated our family.”