May 2010

Drink ruse paedo, 67 is caged

A TWISTED pensioner who plied two boys with alcohol so he could sexually abuse them was jailed for eight months yesterday.

Evil Joseph Johnstone initially gave the 15- year-olds tea and biscuits when they visited him in Edinburgh address but later served up alcohol.

The sick 67-year-old showed the boys pornographic films when they were drunk and sexually abused each of them on separate occasions.

And yesterday the abused boys’ mums wept at Edinburgh Sheriff Court as he was caged.

The offences came to light when one of the teenagers’ mothers became worried about where he was and went to the Edinburgh address to find her son lying on a bed.

When Johnstone was interviewed by police he said the youngsters had asked to watch porn and had also asked him to perform sex acts.

First offender Johnstone, of Shotts, Lanarkshire, admitted abusing the two 15-year-old boys between May and June of last year.

Johnstone’s solicitor Paul Dunne said his client — a homosexual — was sexually repressed.

Sheriff Alistair Noble told Johnstone: “It is obvious the effect this has had on the families and the boys concerned.”