July 2011

Paedophile who fled to Thailand is jailed

A paedophile extradited from Thailand to Britain has been jailed for three years for accessing more than 11,000 indecent images of children.

David Charles Taylor (66), formerly of Worthington Lane, Breedon on the Hill, jumped police bail after being caught with 7,556 images on his computer in 1998.

He wrote to the police saying he had left the country due to “stress” and denied being in a paedophile ring.

Having fled to Thailand, he continued accessing child pornography, downloading a further 3,792 images.

An international arrest warrant was issued but attempts to find him proved fruitless, until he was captured in a Thai post office on December 19.

Taylor spent three months in a Thai prison, before being returned to Britain in March.

At Leicester Crown Court yesterday, Taylor was told he will be on a sex offender register for life and was made the subject of a sexual offences prevention order restricting his future computer use and banning him form any activity likely to bring him into contact with anyone under 18.

Keith Raynor, prosecuting, said in 1998 police launched Operation Olympic to investigate a pornography distribution company.

Officers visited Taylor’s rented home.

When he realised the police were outside, Taylor tried to destroy a computer by stamping on it, but was unsuccessful.

Mr Raynor said: “There was evidence of a child pornography business being operated by the defendant.”

They initially found 200 images of extreme pornography, 100 discs containing other indecent images, a customers’ address list and a catalogue.

He was granted police bail on October 14, 1998. Taylor, who had no previous convictions, gave the police a bogus e-mail address.

Helen Johnson, mitigating, said: “He realises he should have stayed and faced the music.

“He chose to go to Thailand and accepts he continued to offend while there.

“The pre-sentence report states he’s lacking in victim awareness and he’s someone who could do with help.

“He says he’s willing to change his ways.”

At an earlier hearing, Taylor pleaded guilty to 45 counts of making indecent images between July 1997 and 1998.

They related to 3,954 images at level one, 465 images at level two, 1,332 at level three, 1,658 at level four and 147 in the most serious category, level five.

He asked for five similar offences to be considered relating to his activities in Thailand, between July 2007 and December last year.

They amounted to 3,000 images at level one, 156 at level two, 231 at level three, 301 at level four and 104 at level five.

Yesterday Judge Michael Pert QC described the images as “disgusting.”

He told Taylor: “You’re an intransigent offender.

“You were due to return to the police station more than 10 years ago but went to Thailand where you’ve spent the intervening years accessing child pornography.

“The only way to deal with you is by punishing you, not putting you on a course.”

 Dec 2010

English paedophile suspect arrested in Thailand after ten years on the run

A suspected British paedophile wanted for abusing children as young as 18 months has been arrested in Thailand after more than a decade on the run.

David Taylor, 66, is also accused of selling child porn online.

He will be extradited to Britain, where he was arrested in 1998 and charged with 35 child sex offences.

He fled to Thailand and allegedly continued to abuse children, recording his disgusting activities to put on the internet.

Taylor was charged with keeping more than 10,000 pornographic images of children on his computer at his home in Leicestershire.

The images allegedly included boys being tortured, sexually abused by adults and having sex with dogs.

Thai and British investigators tracked Taylor to Nakhon Ratchasima, north-east of Bangkok, where he was arrested on Sunday at a local post office where he was renting a mailbox.

A Thai court had issued a warrant for his arrest and extradition in 2001, on a request from British authorities, who accuse him of sexually abusing children aged between  18 months and 12 years old.

Thai police say they seized a computer and DVDs suspected to contain child porn and explicit photos of Thai children and other nationalities.

In Thailand, Taylor ‘lured children to have sexual activities and released video clips on the internet,’ the Thai immigration bureau said.

‘He confessed that he would find children to take pictures of and then sell the images on the internet.’

The British Embassy confirmed the arrest.