March 2003

Pervert’s new website

A NURSE who was struck off for downloading child porn is running a website offering first aid courses for office workers and young people. Frederick Keith Stott, 49, from Bolton, printed sick pictures of children in a building at the bottom of his garden, then claimed he needed them to research breasts and nipples as part of a health project.

After admitting eight counts of making indecent photos, he was jailed for six months at Manchester Crown Court last year and put on the Sex Offenders’ Register. Now the Nursing and Midwifery Council has struck him off its register following a professional conduct committee in London on Tuesday.

But the M.E.N. can reveal that Stott has set up a firm called KSL Training, which is advertised in the North West Business Pages and on a website called The Bolton Information Network. The KSL website mainly targets office workers, but also says courses recently provided include “courses in basic first aid aimed at younger candidates”.

Speaking at their home in Breightmet, his wife Veronica said: “He does run the first aid training but business goes up and down and recently it has been quiet, but not because of this.” But when confronted by the M.E.N., Stott said: “I am no longer working in first aid and the website is going to be shut down very shortly. “I don’t want to say what job I am doing now but it is not anything to do with health care.”

Before his arrest in July, 2001, Stott was a health studies lecturer at a college in Bolton and worked in the afternoon for Careline, a group for the elderly. Det Sgt Julie Barnes told the nursing committee: “The computer was found in a brick outbuilding at the bottom of his garden.

He held varied information there to do with health matters and work that he did. “He had the key to that and did not allow any family member to go in. “There was a forensic examination of his computer.

There were children in sexual images and sexual exploitation between children that was not only indecent but obscene.” Det Sgt Barnes said the images could not support the explanation Stott put forward. In a letter to the tribunal, Stott said he had not worked as a nurse since the 1970s and was now a self-employed first aid trainer.

March 2002

Ex-JP’s child porn shame

A FORMER magistrate has been jailed for six months for downloading pornographic images of children from the internet.

Frederick Keith Stott, 48, admitted making indecent pictures on a computer which he kept locked in his garden shed. The father-of-three had set himself up in business as a first aid trainer after quitting his job as a college lecturer at Bolton College. He later claimed he used the images of naked boys and girls as part of his research. Stott’s activities were uncovered while he was working as a telephonist for a careline for people with disabilities.

Several members of staff complained to police following a night shift and police were called in. Officers searched Stott’s garden shed and confiscated the computer hard drive and 13 floppy disks holding up to 50 images.

Stott, of Presto Gardens, Bolton, pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court to eight charges of making indecent photographs of children between October 2000 and February 2001.