Sept 2010

Father poses as his own schoolboy son to snare paedophile on MSN before frogmarching him to police station

A father posed as his teenage son to snare a paedophile and then frogmarched him to the police station.

He logged into his 15-year-old son’s web chat account after discovering that pervert Jonathon Styles had been grooming him.

So, pretending to be the boy, he arranged to meet Styles in a car park for sexual activity – but then wrestled with the paedophile and carried out a citizen’s arrest.

Styles, 29, admitted meeting a child following sexual grooming and was given a three-year community service order when he appeared at Derby Crown Court.

The court heard how Styles had previously met the boy during his school lunch hour after chatting on MSN Messenger.

Nothing happened during the meeting on September 28 but the frightened boy, who cannot be identified, told teachers and his father.

His dad posed as the teenager in several online conversations before arranging to meet again. He told Styles he was 16 but the pervert knew the lad’s real age of 15.

Stuart Lody, prosecuting, said: ‘The father posed as his son, arranged to meet Styles and phoned the police and then apprehended the defendant.

‘Police did not arrive and he frog-marched him into the police station.’

Parts of the conversation between Styles and the father, posing as his son, were read out in court.

A message which was sent from the boy’s account read: ‘I’m 15, but didn’t think you would meet me if I told you.’

Styles replied: ‘As long as you tell me you’re 16 then I will.’

Later in the conversation Styles said if the boy wanted to kiss they could go to a place near his house but if he wanted to do more then they would need to go elsewhere.

Styles then writes: ‘But babe, you’re 16 ain’t yer?’  The boy’s reply was: ‘15’.

Styles responded: ‘If you want to do stuff, you’re 16 – if not, we’re MSN mates.’

When arrested he told police: ‘I cannot help it, I’m attracted to 16-year-old boys. I need help.’   At the sentencing last week Styles was ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register and abide by a sexual offenders’ prevention order for five years.

He has also been banned from using MSN Messenger.

Sentencing, Judge Michael Fowler said: ‘You know how dangerous your activities were; dangerous to you that you might get caught and end up in custody.

‘You would be in custody for about three months, when it’s agreed that three years is a minimum to try and address the problems you have, to prevent you from giving in to temptation.’

Judge Fowler added: ‘Sentencing guidelines suggest the jail term for the offence is less than 18 months but this will not give the defendant sufficient time to receive help for his problem.

‘A jail sentence might punish Mr Styles but would not necessarily protect young people from his predatory instincts.’