December 2006

Nursery nurse shame over child abuse images


A NURSERY nurse has been sacked and put on the Sex Offender Register for showing a child pornography clip to workmates on her mobile phone.

Rachel McAlley, 21, laughed as she passed round her video phone during their lunch break from looking after youngsters.

The clip showed two naked and distressed foreign children, aged around 10, being forced into a sex act with each other. Her work colleagues were so disgusted they reported McAlley to a boss who examined the phone, suspended her and alerted police.

McAlley, who lives with her parents, wept after she was found guilty at Warrington magistrates’ court of possessing indecent images of children and showing off an indecent image of children.

She had to sign the Sex Offender register for five years. The incident occurred while McAlley, of Old Hall, Warrington, was employed at the Nought to Fives Nursery in Barrowhall Lane, Great Sankey, near Warrington.

She was having lunch in the staff room with two fellow carers when she started passing her video phone around with the clip. McAlley was sentenced to a community order, told to sign the sex offender register and ordered to pay £300 costs. Her mobile was confiscated.