March 2012

Jailed for 21 years: Hull babysitter who assaulted four girls

A BABYSITTER who sexually assaulted four young girls has been jailed for 21 years.

Denis Dobson, 56, attacked four girls, one as young as five, over 11 years while babysitting them.

He was finally caught when one of his victims told her teacher at school.

Dobson was found unanimously guilty by a jury at Hull Crown Court after just 45 minutes following an eight-day trial.

He was convicted of two rapes, three attempted rapes and ten sexual assaults and Judge James Sampson sentenced him to 21 years behind bars.

Detective Sergeant Craig Nicholson said Dobson had never shown remorse at any stage.

Det Sgt Nicholson said: “What he did was absolutely evil. He has had no fear and complete disregard for his victims. He felt he was beyond reproach.

“He was trusted as a babysitter for the children by their parents. He has robbed them of their childhood.

“He was a strict, stern authoritarian figure and they were frightened of him. He shouted at them and threatened them with violence if they told anybody.

Det Sgt Nicholson said police were called in when one of the girls broke down and told her teacher.

“We began investigating Dobson and more victims came to light,” he said.

The girls were forced to give evidence at court after Dobson denied the charges.

Throughout his police interviews, he answered “no comment” to the questions asked.

With Dobson now behind bars, Det Sgt Nicholson has praised the bravery of the children.

He said: “He has put four young girls through a horrific ordeal over this lengthy investigation.

“They are relieved it is all over and out of the way now so they can get on with their lives.

“They have all been worried and frightened about it. It will be a long time before we know the long-term effects they may have suffered.

“I really have to commend their bravery.

“After eight days, the jury has obviously found their evidence compelling.”

Dobson had threatened the girls with violence and told them they would not be believed.

Dobson, of Glebe Road, east Hull, had been unemployed for eight years and was claiming disability benefit for a back injury and diabetes.

He has been ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for life.

Det Sgt Nicholson said the 21-year sentence reflected the grave crimes he had inflicted on the young girls.

“It will have a lifelong impact on them,” he said.

“This sends out a clear message of how serious the justice system takes this kind of offending. I’m really pleased with the sentence.”