June 2018: Foxhall has now been released

June 2009

Village shocked at sex attack on boy

An East Riding community has spoken of its horror after one of its residents was convicted of a serious sexual assault on a boy under the age of 10.

Karl Lennon Foxhall, of North Newbald, was invited to the home of friends on Saturday September 27, last year.

It was on this evening that the 21-year-old preyed on their son, Hull Crown Court heard yesterday. He has now been jailed for more than six years.

Foxhall, a former chef at The Gnu pub in the centre of North Newbald, also drank at the pub across the road, The Tiger Inn.

Dee Anderson, licensee at The Tiger Inn, on The Green, said: “Everyone is very shocked, you just don’t expect it.

“You can’t believe it when something like that happens.

“He came into the pub occasionally. He was very quiet, he hardly spoke. It’s a complete shock really.”

Another villager, who did not want to be named, said: “He’s lived here a lot of years and all the people that I know are so shocked about it.

“I have seen him grow up from being a bairn and you won’t get anyone more shocked than me. He was a real quiet lad.

“Of all the people in the world I never thought Karl was like that.”

Foxhall pleaded guilty to being in possession of 72 images of indecent photographs, causing a child to watch a sex act, two offences of sexual assault, sexual activity in the presence of a child and one count of rape.

He was sentenced to an Indeterminate Sentence but jailed for six years and eight months and will be subject to an extended period on licence, which will last two years.

He will remain on the Sex Offenders Register for the rest of his life and is banned from contact with children for 10 years.

Recorder Rodney Jameson QC said: “The circumstances in which these offences took place are that essentially you took advantage of the situation you were in by showing him photos of an indecent nature.

“There after there was a moderately extended series of assaults of a sexual nature.

“I do accept that you are a young man, who is immature for his age.

“To some extent you can see a degree of juvenile experimentation in what went on.

“That will be no comfort what soever to the child and his parents who will take the view that your problems are your problems and they should not have been visited on their child and they are right.”

“The effect on your victim has been profound and it may be long lasting.

“He was a very young boy at the time that you committed these offences upon him.”

He said that Foxhall showed an “unnatural interest” in children and that he had breached the trust of his victim’s parents.

He said that in passing sentence he was taking into account Foxhall’s age and his early guilty plea which represented his shame and embarrassment.