November 2016

Hull child rapist ‘back on streets in days’


A woman abused by her stepfather for more than a decade spoke of her outrage today after discovering he could be back on the streets in days.

Paedophile Kevin Bunby was jailed for 14 years and banned from any contact with children after he was convicted of 12 charges of gross indecency, indecent assault and child rape at Hull Crown Court in 2008.

But now his stepdaughter Gemma has been told by the probation service that he could be let out on parole this month, just six years after he was jailed.

Gemma, who waived her right to anonymity, said: “I am just so angry and shocked that his sentence has been more or less halved and he’s allowed to come back to the same place.

“What if he meets someone with grandchildren and they don’t know he has done this? It is appalling. I’m afraid for the public because this man is a monster.”

Bunby, now 59, moved in with Gemma and her family when she was five and began abusing her from the age of 11.

The abuse escalated and he started controlling everything she did, even picking her up from school in his car although it was only round the corner from their home.

He stopped her seeing friends and going out to play. When she took an overdose at 14 in a desperate attempt to escape his clutches, he found her and made her sick.

Gemma joined the Army when she was 17, just to get away from Bunby.

Although the abuse continued into her 20s, she reported Bunby to Humberside Police in 2008. Seven weeks later, Bunby was arrested then tried and sentenced to 14 years after Gemma took to the witness stand to bring her abuser to justice.

She said: “I just found the courage to believe in myself and being around professional people made me realise that people are nice and maybe they would believe what had happened to me.”

Bunby denied the charges but after the jury returned its guilty verdict, Judge Roger Thorn QC sentenced him to 10 years for rape and four years for his other crimes.

Ordering Bunby to sign the sex offenders’ register for life and banning him from contact with children, the judge told him: “This is a most appalling case. The child is entirely right in saying you have stolen her childhood.

“No one can have listened to the evidence in this case without being completely moved.”

After Bunby was led away to prison, Gemma told the Mail: “All I wanted to do was be normal but I really missed out on being a child. I feel like he has taken everything from me.

“He said no one would believe me if I told them. He said it would kill everyone, that everyone would just crumble if they found out. I wished he would die so that it would stop.”

With Bunby behind bars, Gemma began to pick up the pieces of her life.

Now 33 and living in west Hull, Gemma said: “It was very difficult to begin with but these years have made me realise I’m actually quite brave and if you do talk about it, it helps.

“I’ve had freedom in the sense that I wasn’t looking over my shoulder. I’m settled and why should I have to uproot myself so I can feel safe?

“I can’t fault Humberside Police because they have been amazing and helped me feel safe throughout all this. They have been wonderful but they can’t be with me 24 hours a day.

“I think I will have to move because he has family here and I’m sure he’ll come back.”

Although she has worked hard to rebuild her life, the torment of the abuse is never far away. Now suffering post-traumatic stress, Gemma has been forced to give up work and has night terrors.

She was contacted by the probation service this week who told her Bunby could be released on parole as early as this month and, if his parole is refused this time, he will be out by July.

Gemma is now planning to write to the Government to complain about convicted sex offenders being allowed to return to the same community where they carried out their abuse.

“The court gives you compensation to set yourself back up and I got a home where I feel safe but now they’re letting him out, I’m unsafe again,” she said.

“It can’t be right. You can rehabilitate someone who has been shoplifting but not for things like this. I haven’t been able to use his name for eight years. To me, he’s just ‘the monster’.

“And I have to live with what he did for the rest of my life while he gets his sentence halved.”

September 2008

Paedophile is jailed for 14 years for ‘appalling’ rape and abuse

A PAEDOPHILE who abused and raped a young girl has been jailed for 14 years.

Kevin Bunby, 51, of west Hull, was convicted of 12 offences including gross indecency, indecent assault and rape by a jury at Hull Crown Court.

The court heard details of the historic case of sexual abuse, which had started when the girl was aged just 11.

He had groomed his victim to engage in sexual acts with him when she was a child and later raped her when she was older.

Bunby denied the charges, claiming his victim had seduced him.

Sentencing him, Judge Roger Thorn QC said: “This is a most appalling case.

“The child is entirely right in saying that you have stolen her childhood.”

Bunby was ordered to sign on the sex offenders’ register for life and banned from having any contact with children.

His victim, who can not be named for legal reasons, gave evidence in court against him.

Detective Constable Craig Nicholson, of Humberside Police, praised the victim for her courage in bringing about the prosecution.

He said: “It sends a message to victims of abuse that they will be listened to and believed.”

Bunby was sentenced to 10 years for the offence of rape and four years for the other offences.