November 2014

Already convicted pervert viewed indecent images of boys on Twitter in Hull Central Library


A MAN with a sexual interest in boys was caught by police viewing indecent images in a public library.

Peter Daniels, 58, who had previously abused a schoolboy in a shopping centre toilet, was seen viewing several indecent images while logged onto his Twitter account at Hull’s Central Library in Albion Street.

Daniels said he had gone into the library to make a loan application.

But at 9.36am on June 11, while he was seated at a computer in the Learning Zone on the second floor, an undercover officer saw him log onto Twitter and start scrolling through indecent images of boys and young men.

Most were of males aged from 16 to 18, but one, later categorised as at the most serious level, Category A, was of a boy aged 15.

Analysis of his Twitter account revealed a further 14 images at Category B and nine at Category C.

At the time of the offences, he was subject to a three-year community order after a conviction last year for abusing a boy aged 15.

Hull Crown Court heard Daniels had met the boy, a stranger, at Paragon Interchange and began chatting to him.

After offering him a cigarette, Daniels accompanied the youth into a lavatory at St Stephen’s shopping centre.

He admitted engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child.

Daniels, of New George Street, city centre, had previously been jailed for six months for making indecent photographs of children.

He told police that while he was in the library he received an email saying “people you may know”.

He said an image came up that he “didn’t want to see” and “knew it was wrong”, and more arrived when he tried to close it.

Patricia Doherty, defending, said Daniels had, for the first time, admitted his interest in viewing indecent images.

“At 58, he has come to terms with the fact he has that particular issue,” Mrs Doherty said.

Judge David Tremberg told Daniels he had been given a “golden opportunity” to address his offending through the community order.

But he said: “It’s clear that you continued to indulge your sexual interest in boys by viewing indecent images of underage boys.”

Sentencing Daniels to a total of 12 months in jail, the judge said: “In my judgment, this offending is so serious, when you put it all together, that it must result in an immediate custodial sentence.”

Daniels was also made subject to a ten-year sexual offences prevention order.

October 2013

Child abuser who preyed on boy with learning difficulties escapes jail

A CHILD abuser has admitted preying on a boy with learning difficulties.

Peter Daniels, 57, approached the child in Paragon Interchange and took him to a toilet in St Stephen’s shopping centre, where he exposed and pleasured himself in front of the child.

The 13-year-old boy later told a teacher, who informed the police.

Daniels was caught after detectives looked at CCTV footage in the shopping centre and at the train station.

Prosecutor Katherine Robinson told Hull Crown Court: “He had taken a bus to Hull city centre and was at the bus station waiting for a second bus. He saw the defendant, who had spoken to him the week before, and he spoke to him.

“The defendant offered him a cigarette and the boy told him he needed the toilet. The defendant said he needed the toilet as well and they went to the ground-floor toilets in St Stephen’s and then walked back together to the bus station. The man apologised and left.”

The boy reported what happened to his school and the police were contacted.

The CCTV was reviewed and it showed the pair of them entering the toilet.

When Daniels was arrested he answered “no comment” to questions asked of him in his police interview.

However, he pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child on November 12 last year.

His barrister, Robert Stephenson, said: “He lives a very isolated existence and suffers with depression.”

The Honorary Recorder of Hull and the East Riding, Judge Michael Mettyear, told Daniels: “This was unacceptable conduct, which was you seeking to get some sexual gratification from this low-grade, sexual conduct you are charged with.

“It was two offences in close proximity and the victim was suffering to an extent from his vulnerability, but this was at the bottom end of the scale of seriousness.

“A substantial and thoughtful report has been prepared on you and has persuaded me it is not necessary to send you to prison.

“It seems to me far more likely you can stop behaving in this way with a treatment programme rather than any other course.”

“I will give you a 36-month community order, three years supervision, that will be with the Probation Service.

“They will seek to minimise the risk you pose through your attendance at the Northumbria Sex Offender Treatment Course.

“Hopefully, it will break your pattern of offending and will give you more victim awareness and empathy. I have given you a chance, you better take this chance because it will be the last one you are given.”

Daniels has a previous conviction from 1985 for soliciting men and a conviction from 2011 for making indecent photos of children.

November 2011

Bransholme sex offender had 641 indecent pictures

A SEX offender who once ran a children’s group has been jailed.

Peter Daniels was jailed for possessing more than 600 indecent images of children.

Daniels, 55, of Scampton Garth, Bransholme, pleaded guilty to 14 counts of possessing indecent images and videos of children.

Unemployed Daniels, who once ran a Methodist church toddler group in Bransholme, was viewing films of children aged between eight and 15 years old.

He was arrested as a result of information provided to Humberside Police by the Child Online Protection Centre in London.

Officers went to his home and seized his laptop for analysis.

They found 641 indecent images. Of those, 535 were at the lower end of the indecency scale and 27 were at the worst end.

Daniels also had 37 indecent films with two hours of footage. Twenty-six of the films were at the highest end of the indecency scale.

The court heard that on his arrest, Daniels told police he could not explain why he had viewed the images. He has one previous conviction for theft in 2004.

Daniels’ solicitor Ian Phillip said: “He had a relatively small quantity of images compared with what the court usually deals with. “

The Honorary Recorder of Hull and the East Riding, Judge Michael Mettyear, told Daniels: “You pleaded guilty to these offences involving child pornography. This amounts to pictures and images.

“It’s not suggested you personally were involved in the abuse of any of these children, but the courts take a tough line with these sort of offences because it’s believed those who watch images like this encourage those who abuse children.

“It is important a consistent message goes out from the court that custodial sentences are necessary and almost always inevitable.

“It gives me no pleasure to send you to prison, but I have got to.

“I will reduce your sentence to reflect your guilty plea entered at the first opportunity.”

Daniels has been jailed for six months and was given a sexual offences prevention order for five years, banning him from living with anyone under 16 or having unsupervised contact with children.

He will have to sign the sex offenders’ register for seven years.

Detective Constable Gregg Anderson said: “We will continue to work with other agencies to try to locate and bring to justice offenders who continue to use the internet to commit sexual offences against children. “