April 2010

‘Wicked’ child rapist jailed for 14 years

A “WICKED” rapist has been jailed for 14 years.

Ronald Ernset Munro, 64, raped three children, two aged seven and one aged 10.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC, sitting at Hull Crown Court, has described him as a “truly wicked” man.

Munro, of Jalland Street, east Hull, pleaded guilty on the day of his trial to three rapes and 12 counts of indecency with a child.

Prosecutor Mark McKone said: “He told one girl not to tell anyone or he would beat her. He told her she would be sent to prison if she told anyone.”

He was arrested on October 23 after one child told their mother.

Judge Richardson QC said: “You fall to be sentenced for very serious sexual offences perpetrated against three young children.

“You are a truly wicked man. Anyone who listened to the details of how you offended against these children could not be anything other than appalled and revolted at your conduct.

“You threatened one girl not to tell anyone and told her she would be beaten if she did. This factor is truly appalling.

“You must be severely punished for what you did. It was manipulative and deeply cruel. You showed no mercy to these children.”

He has been sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment and ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for life.

Munro, who was unemployed, had no previous convictions.

His barrister Patrick Palmer said: “It will be a difficult sentence for him to serve, it will be his first taste of custody.”