April 2008

Man on run for seven years jailed for indecent assault

A MAN who fled the country and started a new family life in Ireland has been jailed for six months after being extradited to Hull.

Gianfranco Scarano married, had a child and was running an Italian restaurant in County Carlow, Hull Crown Court heard.

However, he is today starting another new life, this time behind bars, having been brought to justice for the indecent assault of a 14-year-old girl in Hull eight years ago.

The 51-year-old failed to appear at court to answer the charges in April 2001, having been on bail.

After tracking him down through the Crimestoppers Most Wanted website, Humberside Police warrants department extradited him to the UK from Ireland.

Yesterday he was sentenced to six months in prison and placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years.

He admitted three counts of indecent assault committed at the victim’s home in west Hull and at Scarano’s, the fast food restaurant he owned in Anlaby Road, west Hull.

Mike Milner, warrants supervisor for Humberside Police, said: “Thanks to the excellent co-operation between the public and the police, Scarano has now been brought to justice for this offence that was committed more than eight years ago.

“Humberside Police will continue to locate anyone wanted on warrant no matter where they are or how long ago the warrant was issued.

“Every avenue of inquiry will be explored and people like Scarano will eventually be located and brought to justice.”

Scarano’s details were placed on the website in August last year and police received information about his whereabouts a few months later.

Mr Milner said: “We were contacted by someone who we believe was in Ireland at the time, to say they had seen him.

“We then applied for a European arrest warrant, which was granted, and he was brought back to the UK.

“This goes to show a warrant will not go away and we will pursue people who think they can disappear to the bitter end.”

Scarano pleaded guilty to the charges, which amounted to inappropriate touching of his 14-year-old victim.

His victim, now 22, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: “I feel like I have been serving a sentence for the past seven years.

“I have been on anti-depressants and been through counselling. It is always going to be in the back of my mind.

“I have had dreams about it and sometimes wake up in cold sweats. I never knew where he was – he could have been round the corner.”