Oct 2005

‘Devious’ paedophile jailed for life

A PAEDOPHILE who waged a campaign of sexuality against three young girls for two years, has been sent to prison for life.

Martyn Frost groomed the girls, sexualised them and made them passive and compliant to his urges, a judge at Maidstone Crown Court was told. The girls were aged 12, nine and six.

Frost, of Mersham, near Asford, was interviewed 20 times by detectives before finally admitting what he had done.

He attempted to place the blame on the children. He told police: “They wanted to give me a special cuddle. They wanted to do rude things.”

But police uncovered a haul of child pornography that put his guilt beyond any doubt.

On his computer they found 4,000 pictures of young children engaged in sex acts. They recovered 28 DVDs full of graphic films of him abusing the three girls and they found 198 child sex pictures on his mobile phone.

Frost admitted 57 specimen charges of rape, indecent assault and making, possessing or distributing indecent images of children. He denied two charges of making threats to kill his victims. These charges will remain on file and will not be taken to trial.

Caroline Knight, prosecuting, told the court: “But for the video evidence this abuse would never have come to light. The appalling level of abuse of the three girls was confirmed by medical evidence.”

Miss Knight added: “He used the films to relive the commission of his vile acts time and time again for his own sexual gratification.”

Jailing Frost for life, Judge Andrew Patience told him: “I have come to the clear conclusion that you are a devious and committed paedophile who represents a danger to young children.”