November 2008

‘Wicked’ sex beast showed no remorse

A paedophile who subjected three teenage girls to a campaign of sexual degradation was today starting a 20-year jail sentence.

Philip Davey’s outwardly respectable veneer was shattered yesterday after a judge described him as a wicked and arrogant man who had acted for his own “utterly selfish sexual gratification”.

The married recruitment consultant, who still denies committing a catalogue of sex offences including rape, attempted rape and sexual assault, showed no emotion as Judge Jonathan Rose outlined some of the details of his depravity.

The judge told the 44-year-old that his loving relationship with his wife meant he had no need to seek sexual pleasure outside his marriage.

After a nine-day trial at Bradford Crown Court, Davey, of Denbrook Avenue, Tong Street, Bradford, was found guilty of abusing the girls, aged 15 and 16.

Judge Rose told him: ‘’You cannot be said to have acted other than in a constant state of lust and depravity.’’ Davey began his offending when he gave one of the teenagers a lift in his car and sexually assaulted her.

“I am satisfied that first offence undoubtedly inflamed your desire for this girl,” said Judge Rose.


Davey was found guilty of repeatedly raping the teenager and the court heard she was terrified of reporting the abuse to her parents or anyone else.

“You were able to secure her silence by a combination of intimidation and arrogance,” said Judge Rose.

“Secure in the knowledge that you had got away with this and would be able to do so in the future you thereafter used this girl for your sexual pleasure whenever it took your fancy.

“Nobody who heard her evidence can be left in any doubt as to the terrible effect your repeated abuse had on her.

“She turned to self harm. Something for which you and you alone are to blame.”

When Davey’s first victim claimed she had a boyfriend he turned his attentions to another 16-year-old.

On one occasion he indecently assaulted her after lacing her drink with alcohol and he also tried to rape her.

The court heard that Davey’s third victim, a 15-year-old, may have had a crush on him, but he raped her on two occasions.

Judge Rose said Davey had “groomed” his latter two victims using text messages and the internet.

The judge imposed an indefinite sexual offences prevention order on Davey which restricts his contact with girls under 16 in the future and also banned him from using the internet.

Davey is also disqualified for life from working with children and must register as a sex offender with the police following his release from prison.

“I believe you to be a wicked man,” Judge Rose told Davey.

“A paedophile and a pervert who deserves punishment and from whom society deserves to be separated.”

Judge Rose highlighted the courage of the teenage girl victims during the trial process and told Davey that his denials had led to them effectively being abused for a second time by having to give their distressing accounts.

“It nevertheless means that you do not even have the mitigation in this case of a guilty plea nor have you demonstrated at any stage even one ounce of remorse,” said Judge Rose.