May 2018

Vile paedophile befriends Hull mums to groom their children – and he’s been caught again

A convicted sex offender who hides his paedophile past when befriending single mothers has been jailed again after a tip-off

Robert Wynn’s latest victim trusted him so much he was allowed to stay at the home she shared with her young children, went swimming with the family, and took two children unaccompanied to a skate park.

But after police visited her home and revealed his true identity, the betrayed parent said she felt as if he had “groomed the whole family”.

Phillip Evans, prosecuting at Hull Crown Court, said Wynn met the woman online when he identified himself only as “Robert W”, and was invited to stay after the “conversation blossomed”

What she did not know was that Wynn had been jailed four times for sex offences – and was on licence at the time after being released from prison early for doing a similar thing to another unsuspecting family.

He was also subject to a sexual harm prevention order, which included a prohibition on him staying in the same house as children under 16.

Wynn had even lied to a social worker who asked who he was, giving his real date of birth but calling himself “Robert Wilson”.

A judge said it was “disconcerting” the social worker took his word for it and did not ask for documentary proof.

His previous victim had also met him online when he called himself “Robster”.

She later described herself as “horrified” at discovering his past by putting his name into Google and found him on the UK database which is a website dedicated to naming convicted child abusers

Jailing Wynn of Wilton Avenue, Holland Street, east Hull for 28 months

Judge Mark Bury said he had “an abiding sexual interest in children”, and told him: “I accept, to a point, that you are lonely and isolated and that you wanted company, but there are, I’m sure, many people who you could be friendly to who don’t have young children, and it’s no coincidence, in my view, you sought out the friendship of a single woman with a number of children.”

  • Wynn was first jailed for 20 weeks at Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court in 2008 for distributing indecent photographs of children.

  • Wynn was later jailed for 18 months for meeting a child following sexual grooming, and then got a two-year sentence for making indecent photographs of children.

  • Wynn was jailed for 16 months at Hull Crown Court in 2017 for possessing indecent photographs of children and breaching the sexual harm prevention order.

  • In January this year, Wynn was cleared of raping a woman he met online after a three-day trial at Hull Crown Court.

February 2017

Horrified mum-of-four discovered her boyfriend was a paedophile after googling his name

A shocked mum found out her new partner was a paedophile after she googled his name.

The pair met while playing online games and later went on family days out, including picnics, with her children.

But after carrying out checks online the “gutted” mum discovered Robert Wynn, 30, had been jailed three times for sex offences.

Now he has been jailed again for breaching on order banning him from being in contact with children under 16.

Hull crown court heard the mum knew Wynn as “Robster”, and their online relationship “blossomed” after he described himself as a “normal lad from Hull.”

Phillip Evans, prosecuting told the court this attracted the mum because she lived in the city as a teenager.

She agreed to meet Wynn at a railway station which was “successful” and she invited him back for tea.

Wynn gave his real name and age but made no mention of his paedophile past.

The nine offences on his record were all sex crimes, and included grooming and distributing indecent photographs, which saw him jailed for 18 months at a Scottish court in 2008.

Wynn was jailed for two years at Hull in 2011 for making and possessing indecent photographs of children, possessing extreme pornography, and failing to comply with his notification requirements as a sex offender.

He was made subject to a sexual offences prevention order for ten years, which he breached in 2014, earning another 16 weeks in prison.

The order bars Wynn from being in contact with children under 16, without the informed consent of a parent or guardian.

But despite this restriction, Wynn was soon taking part in family outings with his new partner, including picnics in a park, visits to the cinema, and a day at a museum.

Mr Evans said the mother was “keen to point out that the children only became involved when she was ready to introduce them to the defendant.

“She had no cause for concern”.

The woman said she was “gutted”, but found out who she had been dating when she searched for him on Google.

Mr Evans said: “She points out that she had never allowed the defendant to have unsupervised contact with the children.

“She has questioned her children and no disclosures have been made by any of them of improper conduct by the defendant towards them.”

Despite this, the woman described herself as “angry, upset and horrified” by the revelation.

Police investigated – and found 30 indecent photographs of children on Wynn’s mobile phone.

Wynn, of Sutton Park, admitted possessing indecent photographs of children and breaching a sexual harm prevention order.

Wynn was jailed for 16 months by Recorder Timothy Roberts QC.

January 2008

Internet predator on sex register

An internet predator was caught after a detective pretended to be a 13-year-old Edinburgh girl in a teenage chatroom.

Robert Wynn told his “under-age” contact he would get a train to the capital and book a hotel room for them.

But police carried out a raid at Wynn’s home in Hull, in Humberside, and seized computer equipment.

Wynn, 20, later admitted at Edinburgh Sheriff Court that he had asked for the meeting in August 2006

Sheriff John Horsburgh QC also ordered that Wynn should be put on the sex offenders’ register.

In November that year, Det Con Liam Walker was deployed in a chatroom aimed at teenagers using the covert identification of Rachel aged 13.

The court heard “Rob” initiated chat on the web and it became of a “sexually explicit nature”.

In January last year Wynn again engaged Rachel in chat. Fiscal Ross Mackay said the conversation was “highly sexually orientated”.

He added: “The accused stated he wanted to meet Rachel for the purpose of sex.”

Hotel room

During a further chat in April he asked her if she would travel to Hull, but this was declined.

During an interview he initially denied chatting to children and using his webcam for sexual purposes.

But he later admitted he had asked to meet Rachel for sex and said he would travel to Edinburgh.

First offender Wynn also denied having a sexual attraction to children.

He admitted a breach of protection of children and prevention of sexual offences legislation between 9 January and 26 April last year by intending to engage in unlawful sexual activity.

He also admitted distributing or showing indecent images of children.

Defence solicitor Philip Templeton said Wynn had not taken any further steps over booking train tickets or a hotel room.