March 2015: Chris Clayton has now been released

March 2010

Child rapist is freed early…to groom kids

A CHILD-SEX beast freed early after raping five girls was caught grooming youngsters — from a probation hostel and has now been sent back to prison to finish a 16-year prison sentence

Scheming Chris Clayton, 57, was living 20 yards from a nursery and ten minutes from six schools. He targeted a 13-year-old girl, sending her a Valentine’s card and a toy monkey with “kiss me” on it. He also got her mobile number and asked her to play pool in a pub.

And he tricked a man into inviting him to a party where his grandchildren were present.

Police raided the hostel in Wakefield, West Yorks, last week and arrested Clayton, who was out of jail on licence.

He was sent to finish a 16-year sentence as he breached a ban on contacting children. A police source said: “The girl was lucky he was nabbed before anything happened.”

Her mum said: “I can’t believe he was on the streets and no one was warned.” Locals want the hostel shut but the Justice Ministry said its use allowed offenders to be supervised.

In July 1998 Clayton, then 45, of Bradford, admitted seven charges of rape and six of indecent assault involving girls aged between 11 and 14. He had carried out the sex assaults after becoming friendly with the girls’ families.

He had also denied two further rape charges, two of indecent assault and one of gross indecency, involving a further girl and a woman in her 20s which were left to lie on file.

The trial heard Clayton had kept victims quiet by threatening to kill them and bury their bodies in the Pennines.

One rape victim said the abuse continued for years causing her severe trauma. Her friend was also raped by Clayton.

The court heard he raped a third victim when she was about 14, and told her she would be pregnant causing her severe psychological damage.

Clayton raped one youngster while his girlfriend was in the same bed, but over a five-year period he was known as the “life and soul” of his local social club – and often drank there with his victims’ families.

July 1998

‘I wish I’d warned of sex brute all those years ago’

A Bradford woman today told how she bitterly regretted not reporting an alleged rape bid by paedophile Chris Clayton – six years before he began his reign of terror over young girls.

Amanda, 32, described her horror at the attempted rape which, she says, would have alerted the authorities to Clayton as a potential sex offender 12 years ago.

In an exclusive interview, she said: “Maybe I was nave and scared, but I never followed it up with the police. Maybe if I had, then the truth about Clayton would have come to light earlier.”

Clayton, 45, of Ranelagh Avenue, Ravenscliffe, Bradford, was jailed on Wednesday for 16 years after carrying out a series of rapes and indecent assaults on girls aged between 11 and 14.

The mothers of his six young victims are now considering appealing against his sentence. One mum has called for him to serve life and Bradford North MP Terry Rooney is calling for a review of sentencing for rapists.

Clayton befriended the families of the girls and threatened to kill his victims if they told their parents.

Amanda, who lives in the Bolton area of Bradford, said: “He was a charmer. He was my ex-husband’s friend and we used to go round to his house for drinks. I trusted him implicitly. He was a man who I could be on my own with and not feel threatened.” Clayton visited Amanda when she lived on the Thorpe Edge estate in 1986.

She said: “He came into the house and followed me into the kitchen. He threw me to the ground and tried to have sex with me. I told him I was on my period and said I would sleep with him next week, just to try and get him off me.”

She added: “I was pinned to the floor and he was slobbering all over me.”

When she told her husband he went round to Clayton’s home but he refused to come to the door.

“The next day a policeman called in about neighbourhood Watch, which I was involved in,” said Mrs Haigh.

But she decided against making a formal complaint to the police to avoid the harrowing ordeal of a court case.

“When I read the Telegraph & Argus about him going to jail it made me cry. He should have been put away for life for doing what he did to those children.”