May 1998

Molester fles Thai sanctuary

A child molester has fled Thailand after being exposed as a paedophile. David Hope, a former teacher at Malsis School, near Glusburn, had infiltrated the education system and had been teaching at Thailand’s equivalent of Eaton.

He has been named in a Thai government report calling for a nationwide clampdown on such people.

Hope was jailed for 20 months in January 1996 for indecently assaulting two pupils at Malsis School.

Earlier this year he set up an Internet page chronicling his 17 years at the exclusive prep school.

The 50-year-old former music teacher invited ‘visitors’ to ‘explore Hopeworld’.

It featured pen pictures of ‘my boys’ – his former pupils – including one of his victims. The page is said to have left the victim ‘physically sick’.

He said on the page that the next phase of his life was taking place 6,000 miles away.

He has been living in Thailand since May last year. He had been released from prison in Autumn 1996 having served only half his sentence. Hope promised to reveal details of his activities in a further Internet feature called ‘Hopey goes to Thailand’.

Only last month he was a guest at a British expatriate society event at the prestigious British Club of Bangkok.

But he fled the country after being exposed by the Coalition to Fight Against Child Exploitation.

Hope is said to be very angry after having his contract terminated by the Vajarivudh School in Bangkok.

His current whereabouts are not known.