June 2003

Hudson escapes prison sentence

A MAN escaped a jail sentence for possessing child abuse images 

Management consultant Graham Hudson, 46, of Briar Hill View, Bradley, had pleaded guilty to 20 charges of possessing indecent photos .

But in sentencing him to 150 hours’ community service, Judge Norman Jones, the Recorder of Leeds, said: “There is no suggestion of distribution and no suggestion that you have paedophilliac tendencies at all.”

The prosecution accepted that Hudson had accessed a pornographic website out of curiosity.

Hudson said: “It is a shocking and stupid thing that I have done.

“I have a wife and a young daughter and many close relatives and only hope that people realise they are suffering. I hope people will not be cruel to them.”

Hudson is a former chairman of the Huddersfield Town Patrons’ Association.

Mr Jon Gibson, prosecuting, said the police recovered details of customers who paid by credit card to view the images on an American porn website.

Hudson admitted using his credit card to receive images in 1999.

Three hundred deleted images of child porn were recovered from computers at his home.

Mr Justin Crossley, for Hudson, said his client had committed the offences out of a “morbid sense of curiosity”. He was “repulsed” at the images and deleted them.

He added: “Mr Hudson’s punishment began the day he was arrested.”

He said Hudson had lost his job as a management consultant and his part-time job as a football commentator on local radio.

He had been abused and threats had been put on Town’s website.

Mr Crossley said Hudson was concerned for his family and friends.

His wife, who sobbed throughout the court case, had stood by him, as had several friends.