November 2009

Pervert sent to anger classes

A SEX offender who left an obscene and abusive message on his answerphone for a police officer has been told by a Worcester judge to take anger management classes.

Jamie Justice had left the message for Detective Constable Amanda Walker, of West Mercia police calling her a liar after hearing that she was trying to get hold of him.

Justice, a former Worcester UKIP candidate called Jason Phillips, who then converted to Islam, calling himself Abdullah Nasser Jihad, admitted in March having two indecent images of a child.

Det Con Walker had been the investigating officer in the case before transferring to the offender management team.

Sallie Hewett, prosecuting, said Det Con Walker had been assigned to deal with Justice and make contact with him on Monday, October 5.

After getting his mobile number from his father, she called and left a message for him, but when she had not heard back, tried calling again when she heard the new answerphone message calling her a liar and using swear words, but telling anyone else to leave a message.

October 2009

Child sex pervert left abusive message for police officer

A CONVICTED sex offender left an obscene and abusive recording as his answer phone message accusing a police officer of being a liar and telling her to go away, a court was told.

Jamie Justice, aged 33, of Cyril Road, off Rainbow Hill, Worcester, admitted having two indecent images of children on his computer in March and was placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years.

Detective Constable Amanda Walker, of West Mercia Police, was the investigating officer on the case before being transferred to the offender management team.

Matt Dodson, prosecuting atWorcester Magistrates Court, said DC Walker was then assigned to deal with Justice and attempted to make contact with him on Monday, October 5.

She spoke to the defendant’s father and was given a mobile number that she tried to call several times before leaving a message.

DC Walker tried to call again and heard an offensive message from Justice saying if the caller was “the lying” Amanda Walker then go away but said anyone else could leave a message.

The court was told how Justice was earlier cautioned by police for sending “vile” messages on Facebook to the family of a woman with whom he was having an affair.

It was the police investigation into the Facebook abuse that led them to discover the indecent images of children.

Sam Lamsdale, defending, said her client was angry when he learnt he would have to deal with DC Walker again and admitted the purpose of the message was to offend her.