Febuary 2010

Darwen paedophile had worst record judge had seen

A CONVICTED rapist and paedophile has been jailed after a judge told him he had the worst record of sexual offences he had ever seen.

William Alfred Rogers, 58, from Entwistle Street, Darwen, was caught printing pictures of children at Boots in Accrington by staff on August 28, 2009.

Police executed a warrant at his home on September 3 and he was arrested.

He had contacted police about being harassed by youngsters near his home, but the images he took using a camera showed children playing innocently near St Peter‘s Church.

He was sentenced at Preston Crown Court to a total of two years eight months in custody, with a further three years on licence when released.

Judge Norman Wright told Rogers, who has more than 30 previous sexual convictions on his record, that he was a danger to the public.

“These photos are worrying because they are children in everyday life. Your fascination and preoccupation with children carries on and you feel the need to take these pictures.

“You are quite capable of being quiescent – passive – but you can then break out and commit serious sexual offences.

“You associate with other like minded people and that is a worrying aspect.”

Eagle-eyed staff at the store spotted the front sheet of Rogers’ printouts from his camera memory stick, which had thumbnail images of the pictures.

Rogers was sentenced for three counts of possessing around 40 indecent images which were also found at his address, and two counts of beaching his indefinite sexual offenders prevention order by possessing a camera.

He is already on the sex offender’s register for life after amassing a string of offences dating back to 1968 – when he was only a teenager.

He was given four years in prison for rape in 1979, followed by more offences, including indecent assault and exposure from 1984 through to 1993. In December 1994 he was jailed again for three counts of gross indecency with a child.

He once received a term of over nine years in prison for indecent assaults.

Rogers was already subject to a three-year supervision order and undergoing treatment after he was sentenced for having more than 100 naked pictures of children in February last year.